Kickball Team Names: Get Inspired with These 400 Ideas!

As a seasoned writer with over five years of experience creating the best kickball articles, I’m here to share my latest findings. In this post, I’ve compiled a list of 400 kickball team names that will inspire and entertain you. 

Some of them were clever and Solitaire, and some of them were downright dirty.

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No matter your position or interest in the game, having a catchy team name is essential to get your team pumped up and ready to dominate the field. 

With so many options, deciding on the perfect name that encapsulates your team’s spirit and energy can be challenging.

That’s where I come in! I’ve scoured the internet and tapped into my extensive knowledge of kickball to bring you a diverse and creative list of team names. From puns and pop culture references to clever wordplay and inside jokes, there’s something for every team on this list.

So, you’ll find it here if you’re looking for a name that’s silly and lighthearted or exudes confidence and intimidation. Get ready to elevate your team’s game and make a statement on the field with these 400 kickball team names.

Funny Kickball Team Names

kickball team names

As a seasoned kickball player and team name aficionado, I’m thrilled to share 50 hilarious kickball team names that will make your opponents roll on the ground with laughter.

  1. Bootylicious Ballers
  2. Saved by the Ball
  3. We Got the Runs
  4. What She Said
  5. Monstars
  6. Kick Your Game
  7. Pitch Please
  8. Odd Balls
  9. Rubber Lovers
  10. Not In the Face
  11. I’d Kick It
  12. Pitch Kickers
  13. Saloonantics
  14. Ball Busters
  15. Ball Hogs Unite
  16. Ball Breakers Anonymous
  17. Balls to the Wallers
  18. Ballers’ Brigade Assemble!
  19. Kickin’ Chickens Rule!
  20. Sassy Squirrels Shine
  21. Nutty Ninjas Unleashed
  22. Wacky Wombats Win
  23. Fierce Flamingos Fight
  24. Cunning Cheetahs Conquer
  25. Mischievous Monkeys Madness
  26. Razzle Dazzle Raccoons Rock!
  27. Goofy Gophers Gather
  28. Kooky Kangaroos Kick Butt
  29. Silly Salamanders Succeed
  30. Jolly Jesters Jive
  31. Witty Walruses Wow
  32. Crazy Coyotes Cackle
  33. Fumbling Falcons Fly
  34. Playful Platypuses Play
  35. Bouncing Bulldogs Bound
  36. Lively Lemurs Leap
  37. Happy Hedgehogs Hype
  38. Sizzling Snakes Strike
  39. Zany Zebras Zap
  40. Wild Warthogs Whirl
  41. Jazzy Jaguars Jolt
  42. Boisterous Buccaneers Bravely Kick On
  43. Funky Foxes Frolic
  44. Colorful Chameleons Chase
  45. Awesome Ostriches Amp Up
  46. Daring Dingos Dominate
  47. Fearless Falcons Frenzy
  48. Giggling Giraffes Gallop
  49. Hilarious Hippos Hop
  50. Jaunty Jellyfish Jive
  51. Kooky Koalas Keep Kicking
  52. Lively Lions Leap
  53. Foot Clan
  54. Marvelous Moose Meander
  55. Noisy Narwhals Nudge
  56. Outrageous Otters Outdo
  57. Playful Penguins Play On
  58. Quirky Quokkas Quicken
  59. Roaring Rhinos Rule
  60. Spunky Stingrays Sizzle
  61. Tumbling Tigers Triumph
  62. Unstoppable Unicorns Unleash
  63. Vibrant Vultures Vanquish
  64. Ball So Hard
  65. Kickin’ Ain’t Easy
  66. The Kicking Chickens
  67. Ball Busters

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Best Kickball Team Names

  1. Ballistic Force
  2. Balls of Fire
  3. Blackout City
  4. Chug Norris
  5. Club Foot
  6. Flat Foot Foozies
  7. Free Snowcone
  8. Here 4tha Beer
  9. Here For Flip Cup
  10. Jiminy Kick It
  11. Kickelob Ultra
  12. Life’s a Pitch
  13. Liver Let Die
  14. Foot Fire
  15. Kickin’ it Old School
  16. The Kicky McBallfaces
  17. Ballin’ with My Homies
  18. Red Ball Express
  19. Kickin’ Up Dust
  20. Thunder Thighs
  21. Big Booty Booters
  22. The Kicks of Hazard
  23. The Fearsome Footsies
  24. The Mighty Ballers
  25. Kickball Crushers
  26. Super Ballers
  27. Kickin’ Asphalt
  28. The Kicksperience
  29. Ball to the Wall
  30. Ball So Hard
  31. Kickin’ It and Chillin’
  32. Kicks R Us
  33. The Kicking Machines
  34. The Foot Clan
  35. Kickin’ and Screamin’
  36. The Ball Rollers
  37. Kickin’ It Real
  38. The Incrediballs
  39. Kickin’ It to the Limit
  40. Ball-o-rama
  41. The Powerkicks
  42. The Footloose Fighters
  43. Ball Breakers
  44. Kicking Assets
  45. The Ball Busters United
  46. Thunderfoot
  47. The Kickin’ Canaries
  48. The Ball Droppers
  49. The Kickin’ Llamas
  50. The Ball Hawgs
  51. Kickin’ It in High Gear
  52. The Footy Phantoms
  53. Kickin’ It with the Cool Kids
  54. The Ballin’ Bandits
  55. The Kickin’ Koalas
  56. The Ball Ragers
  57. Kickin’ It Up
  58. The Kicks of Fury
  59. Ball of Duty
  60. Kickin’ it Solo
  61. The Ball Hogs
  62. Kickin’ it with my Gnomies
  63. The Ball Hogs
  64. The Kicking Sea Monsters
  65. The Mighty Strikers

Good Kickball Team Names

  1. Ballistic Bombers
  2. Not In the Face
  3. Our Kicks Don’t Lie
  4. Pitch Please
  5. Quicksilver Kickers
  6. Recreational Hazard
  7. Slim Kickins
  8. Sons of Pitches
  9. Straight Ballin’
  10. Tequila Mockingbirds
  11. The Sons of Pitches
  12. Wasted Potential
  13. We Do Kickn’ Right
  14. Cannonball Crushers
  15. Power Punters
  16. Curveball Kings
  17. Bounce Brigade
  18. Swift Strikers
  19. Knockout Knights
  20. Diamond Dynamos
  21. Thunder Thumpers
  22. Blaze Blazers
  23. Ricochet Rockets
  24. Speedy Spitfires
  25. Fierce Fireballs
  26. Rolling Thunder
  27. Smash Squad
  28. Mighty Maulers
  29. Rapid Rascals
  30. Topspin Titans
  31. Precision Pacers
  32. Thrill Thrashers
  33. Blitz Bashers
  34. Whirlwind Warriors
  35. Victory Vultures
  36. Flash Falcons
  37. High Five Heroes
  38. Groove Grinders
  39. Fast Furies
  40. Bombardiers
  41. Daredevil Defenders
  42. Jukebox Jesters
  43. The Kickin’ Moose.

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Drinking Kickball Team Names

  1. The Beer Bellies
  2. The Drunken Donkeys
  3. The Boozy Ballers
  4. The Shotskis
  5. The Chuggernauts
  6. The Beer Pongers
  7. The Keg Kickers
  8. The Booze Hounds
  9. The Shot Putters
  10. The Hangover Helpers
  11. The Sip and Kicks
  12. The Bottoms Up Ballers
  13. The Drunken Masters
  14. The Booze Cruisers
  15. The Pitcher Pals
  16. The Tipsy Turtles
  17. The Booze Busters
  18. The Drinkin’ Demons
  19. The Kickin’ Kegs
  20. The Beer Runners
  21. The Chug-a-lugs
  22. The Shotguns
  23. The Pong Kings
  24. The Drinkin’ Ducks
  25. The Boozin’ Bandits
  26. The Keg Standers
  27. The Chug-a-lugs
  28. The Beer Geeks
  29. The Booze Brothers
  30. The Sip Happens

Kickball Team Names Reddit

  1. The Narwhal Bacons
  2. The Baconators
  3. The Upvotes
  4. The Reddit Brigade
  5. The Snoo Kickers
  6. The Karma Kings
  7. The Front Page Flyers
  8. The Upvoters
  9. The Comment Crushers
  10. The Redd
  11. The Subreddit Strikers
  12. The Downvote Dodgers
  13. The Karma Hunters
  14. The Snoo Ballers
  15. The Reddit Renegades
  16. The Post Punchers
  17. The Updoots
  18. The Thread Thrashers
  19. The Comment Commandos
  20. The Redditors

Cool Kickball Team Names

  1. The Thunderbolts
  2. Lightning Legends
  3. The Stormchasers
  4. The Cyclones
  5. The Tornados
  6. Phoenix Flyers
  7. Avalanche All-Stars
  8. The Hurricanes
  9. The Lightning Strikes
  10. Vortex Victors
  11. The Thunderstruck
  12. The Heatwave
  13. The Fireballs
  14. The Inferno
  15. The Blaze
  16. The Phoenix
  17. The Dragons
  18. The Icebreakers
  19. The Chillaxers
  20. The Frostbite
  21. The Arctic Avengers
  22. The Winter Warriors
  23. Titan Titans
  24. The Ice Queens
  25. The Snowstormers
  26. The Avalanche
  27. Razorbacks
  28. The Glacier Gang
  29. Outlaws
  30. The Polar Plungers
  31. The Frosty Balls
  32. The Icebergers
  33. The Freeze Frame
  34. The Arctic Foxes
  35. Warriors
  36. The Snow Angels
  37. The Subzero Squad
  38. The Hailstorm

Dirty Kickball Team Names

  1. The Ball Breakers
  2. The Foul Balls
  3. The Crotch Rockets
  4. The Nut Shots
  5. The Dirty Sliders
  6. The Cleat Chasers
  7. The Foul Tips
  8. The Nutcrackers
  9. Swinging Ds
  10. The Sack Attack
  11. The Dirty Dogs
  12. Innuendos
  13. The Dirty Dozen
  14. Low Blows
  15. The Scrotum Scorers
  16. The Ball Handlers
  17. Pitch Slap
  18. The Jock Jams
  19. The Dirty Minds
  20. The Foul Plays
  21. Cheeky Chaps
  22. The Dirty Doves
  23. The Junkyard Dogs
  24. Sack Lunch
  25. The Booty Bumpers
  26. The Filthy Foul Balls
  27. We’ve Got the Runs
  28. The T@sticle Testers
  29. The Dingleberry Dodgers
  30. The Groin Grabbers
  31. The Blue Balls
  32. Slippery Sliders
  33. The Fanny Pack
  34. Sack Masters

Clever Kickball Team Names

  1. The Kickin’ Chickens
  2. The Ballin’ Baboons
  3. The Footie Foxes
  4. The Striker Squad
  5. Red Cardinals
  6. The Goal Getters
  7. The Kickin’ Kangaroos
  8. The Bootleggers
  9. Kicksperiment
  10. The Kickin’ Koalas
  11. Kicks of Hazard
  12. The Goal Diggers
  13. Kickin’ Komodos
  14. The Baller Bees
  15. The Striker Snakes
  16. The Kickin’ Kiwis
  17. Red Rubber Warriors
  18. The Booty Bandits
  19. The Kickin’ Cobras
  20. The Cleat Cutters
  21. The Kicker Kings
  22. The Choppers
  23. The Kickin’ Crabs
  24. The Cleat Crushers
  25. The Kickin’ Crocs
  26. The Conquerors
  27. The Goal Gurus
  28. The Cleat Cuties
  29. The Kickin’ Cubs
  30. The Bootleggers
  31. Kickin’ Camels
  32. The Kicks of Steel
kickball team names

Kickball Team Names for Kids

  1. The Lil’ Kickers
  2. The Mini Mavericks  
  3. The Junior Giants
  4. The Young Yankees
  5. The Tiny Titans
  6. The Pee Wee Pirates
  7. The Little Leopards
  8. The Future Flyers
  9. The Rookie Rhinos
  10. The Mini Mustangs
  11. The Small Sharks
  12. The Junior Jaguars
  13. The Wee Warriors
  14. The Little Lions
  15. The Junior Jets
  16. The Tiny Tigers
  17. The Little Llamas
  18. The Kiddie Kangaroos
  19. The Mini Monkeys
  20. The Little Lakers
  21. The Junior Jackrabbits
  22. The Little Lobsters
  23. The Small Spartans
  24. The Tiny Turtles
  25. The Junior Jaguars
  26. The Little Ladybugs
  27. The Wee Wolves
  28. The Junior Jesters
  29. The Mini Mosquitos
  30. The Small Stallions

Gay Kickball Team Names

  1. Rainbow Rollers
  2. The Pride Pitchers
  3. Glitter Gals
  4. The Flamboyant Flyers
  5. The Fabulous Falcons
  6. The Gay Gazelles
  7. The Lavender Lions
  8. The Queer Queens
  9. The Dazzling Divas
  10. Glitterati
  11. The Bold Buffalos
  12. Rainbow Racers
  13. The Fierce Flamingos
  14. The Proud Panthers
  15. The Glamorous Gladiators
  16. Sparkling Stallions
  17. The Majestic Mermaids
  18. The Colorful Cougars
  19. Radiant Rhinestones
  20. The Bold Butterflies

Adult Kickball Team Names

  1. The Beer Bellies
  2. The Happy Hour Heroes
  3. The Drunken Donkeys
  4. The Booze Brawlers
  5. The Party Pandas
  6. The Wasted Warriors
  7. The Alcoholics Athletic Association
  8. The Bar Brawlers
  9. The Pintsized Players
  10. The Tipsy Titans
  11. The Liquor League
  12. The Sip and Score Squad
  13. The Buzzed Bees
  14. The Wine Warriors
  15. The Chug-a-lugs
  16. The Jagerbomb Squad
  17. The Tequila Tigers
  18. The Brew Crew
  19. The Tipsy Tossers
  20. The Whiskey Wizards

Creative Kickball Team Names

  1. The Swinging Strikers
  2. The Mighty Mules
  3. The Kicking Kangaroos
  4. The Speedy Sprinters
  5. The Rolling Rhinos
  6. The Sassy Squirrels
  7. Rubber Lovers
  8. The Swift Swans
  9. The Cunning Coyotes
  10. The Bouncers
  11. The Savage Scorpions
  12. The High-Flying Hawks
  13. Slippery Snakes
  14. The Fearless Falcons
  15. Dynamic Dolphins
  16. Grass Kickers
  17. The Jazzy Jaguars
  18. The Colorful Chameleons
  19. The Daring Dodos
  20. Balls N Dolls
  21. The Flashy Flamingos
  22. Get Your Kicks
  23. The Majestic Moose
  24. The Fierce Foxes
  25. The Tenacious Turtles
  26. The Clever Crabs
  27. The Wily Wolves
  28. The Nimble Nighthawks
  29. The Crafty Cheetahs
  30. The Roaming Raccoons
  31. The Fiery Foxes
  32. The Bold Bison
  33. Dropkick Dolphins
  34. The Powerful Penguins
  35. The Magnetic Mustangs

Unique Kickball Team Names

  1. The Retro Rockets 
  2. The Galactic Gophers
  3. The Mythical Moose
  4. The Stealthy Sharks
  5. The Thunder Thumbs
  6. The Hairy Hounds
  7. The Cosmic Coyotes
  8. The Space Sloths
  9. The Furry Ferrets
  10. The Enchanted Elephants
  11. The Hipster Hyenas
  12. The Pirate Penguins
  13. The Gothic Gators
  14. The Zen Zebras
  15. The Savage Sea Serpents
  16. The Vintage Vixens
  17. The Mysterious Magicians
  18. The Alien Antelopes
  19. The Radical Rhinos
  20. The Mystic Monkeys

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Surgery Kickball Team Names

  1. The Scrubs Squad
  2. The Scalpel Swingers
  3. The Stethoscope Strikers
  4. The Surgical Savages
  5. The Gurney Gurus
  6. The Anesthesia Assassins
  7. The Operation Ogres
  8. The Bandage Bandits
  9. The Incision Inducers
  10. The Syringe Superstars
  11. The IV League
  12. The Trauma Team
  13. The White Coat Warriors
  14. The Sterile Swat Team
  15. The Suture Superheroes
  16. The Laceration Lions
  17. The Cut and Run Crew
  18. The Procedure Panthers
  19. The Medical Mavericks
  20. The Scrubbers

 Offensive Kickball Team Names

  1. Balls Deep
  2. Crotch Rockets
  3. The Choking Hazards
  4. The One-Pump Chumps
  5. The Master Batters
  6. The Foul Balls
  7. The Nut Shots
  8. The Blue Balls
  9. The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
  10. The Sack Attack
  11. The Wet Dream Team
  12. The Sperm Whales
  13. The J*zz Jockeys
  14. The Jerkoffs
  15. The Ball Busters
  16. The Scrote Totes
  17. The Teabaggers
  18. The Ass Kickers
  19. The Meat Beaters
  20. The Cl*t Kickers

Church Kickball Team Names

  1. Holy Rollers
  2. Divine Strike
  3. Saved by the Ball
  4. Saints and Sinners
  5. Bible Bouncers
  6. Graceful Kickers
  7. Heaven’s Angels
  8. God’s Squad
  9. Hallelujah Hustlers
  10. Faithful Flyers
  11. Kickin’ for Christ
  12. Prayer Warriors
  13. Gospel Giants
  14. Praise Prevails
  15. Divine Defenders
  16. Spirit Squad
  17. Blessed Booters
  18. Christ’s Champions
  19. Holy Kickers
  20. Glory Goals

Related Questions

Is kickball a sport or a game?

As a kickball enthusiast, this question has been debated for years. Some people consider kickball a game, while others argue it’s a legitimate sport. Kickball is a game (competitive league game and playground game).

While it may not be as physically demanding as other sports, like basketball or football, it still requires skill and athleticism. You need good hand-eye coordination to catch the ball and strong leg muscles to kick it far. Plus, rules and strategies are involved, just like in any other sport.

How many teams are in kickball?

A kickball game typically involves two teams of around 8 to 10 players.

What is a kickball team?

A kickball team is a group of players who compete in kickball games against other teams. These teams can be made up of friends, coworkers, or even strangers who share a love for the game.

Typically, kickball teams consist of players with a mix of men and women. Each team member has a specific position on the field, such as pitcher, catcher, or outfielder.

Being part of a kickball team is not just about the games themselves but also the camaraderie and sense of community that comes with being part of a group. Many teams organize social events and gatherings outside of the games, like team dinners or happy hours.

How long is a game of kickball?

The length of a kickball game can vary depending on the league and the rules being used. In my local league, games are typically 45 to 50 minutes to an hour long.

The game is divided into innings, just like in baseball. In our league, we play six innings per game. Each team takes turns playing offense and defense, with three outs per half-inning. The team with the most runs at the end of the game is declared the winner.


Kickball team names can be as creative, funny, and unique as you want them to be. Whether you’re looking for something silly and lighthearted, or a name that’s a bit more serious or edgy, there are plenty of options. 

Just be sure to keep in mind that the name you choose represents your team and can impact how others perceive you. So have fun, but always be mindful and respectful of others.