Game On! Explore 200+ Kabaddi Team Names for Victory!

Hello, combative sports enthusiasts! Are you eager to dive into the exciting world of Kabaddi team names? Well, look no further; in this blog post, we offer over 200 Kabaddi team name ideas, which are sure to leave you excited and raring for action!

Kabaddi, which combines elements of wrestling and tag sports into one ancient Indian sport, is known for its intensity and physical prowess. What better way is there than coming up with powerful yet catchy team names that add an extra spark of fun and intensity? Whether you’re planning to start your own Kabaddi team or just looking for some inspiration, we got covered.

From names that invoke fear in opponents to ones that express unity and camaraderie, our expansive list has something suitable for every taste imaginable. Bold or subtle choices will surely find their place on this list – no matter which team they belong to! We guarantee it!

But wait – that’s not all! We will also explore the art of crafting memorable team names, providing tips to ensure yours stands out. Remember, in Kabaddi, it isn’t simply about playing but more about representing its essence and identity through name.

Now is your time to make a bold statement, spark internal motivations, and dominate the Kabaddi arena – let’s do this together!

Kabbadi Team Names In India

Kabaddi team names
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  1. Bengal Tigers
  2. Haryana Warriors
  3. Punjab Panthers
  4. Maharashtra Mavericks
  5. Tamil Nadu Titans
  6. Rajasthan Raiders
  7. Karnataka Kings
  8. Delhi Daredevils
  9. Uttar Pradesh Uprising
  10. Andhra Aces
  11. Kerala Krushers
  12. Gujarat Gladiators
  13. Telangana Thunder
  14. Odisha Outlaws
  15. Jharkhand Jaguars
  16. Assam Avengers
  17. Madhya Pradesh Maulers
  18. Himachal Hurricanes
  19. Chhattisgarh Challengers
  20. Bihar Blazers

30 Kabaddi Team Names in Tamil

Opting for a Tamil name when selecting your kabaddi team can be like crafting an elegant poem to tradition and power, reflecting both Tamil culture and athletes who embody its values with unfaltering resolve.

Such names transcend mere words; they serve as unifying anthems of courage and unity that unite players and fans across multiple sporting platforms. In kabaddi’s world, these names become vibrant souls that pulse with energy that drives the sport’s pulse forward!

  1. தமிழ் தீபங்கள் (Tamil Torches)
  2. தமிழ் வீரர்கள் (Tamil Warriors)
  3. காவி காட்சிகள் (Kavi Kaatchigal – Poet Warriors)
  4. செம்ம படைகள் (Semma Padhaigal – Awesome Team)
  5. வேலன்கள் (Velankal – Brave Hearts)
  6. அம்பலங்கள் (Ambalangal – Giants)
  7. வளைந்தீர்கள் (Valaintheergal – Invincibles)
  8. ஆதிகாரி வீரர்கள் (Adhikari Veerargal – Chief Warriors)
  9. சூரியன் மூடியவன்கள் (Sooriyan Mudiyanavangal – Sun-Eclipsers)
  10. தாகம் சூழ்ந்தவர்கள் (Thagam Soozhnthavar – Thirst Quenchers)
  11. விக்கு விட்டவன்கள் (Vikku Vittavangal – Chain Breakers)
  12. சின்ன வேலன்கள் (Chinna Velankal – Little Giants)
  13. சீமை பரபரங்கள் (Seemai Paraparangal – Border Defenders)
  14. கைதியேற்றவன்கள் (Kaidhiyerravangal – Jailbreakers)
  15. தீபங்கள் வீரர்கள் (Theepangal Veerargal – Torchbearers)
  16. வளைந்த சமுரைகள் (Valaintha Samuraigal – Unyielding Samurai)
  17. ஆசை வேற்றவர்கள் (Aasai Verravargal – Aspirants)
  18. அற்பெருமை வீரர்கள் (Arpereumai Veerargal – Superheroes)
  19. வெற்றியின் கத்தி (Vetriyin Kathi – Sword of Victory)
  20. படைக்காரன்கள் (Padhaikkaran Gal – Defenders)
  21. கபடி படை (Kabadi Padai – Kabaddi Squad)
  22. பதில்கள் வெற்றியின் (Padhigal Vetriyin – Victorious Defenders)
  23. வெற்றி கதிகள் (Vetri Kathigal – Victory Swords)
  24. தேவை வீரர்கள் (Thevai Veerargal – Indispensables)
  25. அடிப்படைகள் (Adipadhaigal – Hard-Hitters)
  26. கட்டாயவன்கள் (Kattayavangal – Finishers)
  27. அந்த வீரர்கள் (Andha Veerargal – Those Warriors)
  28. வெற்றி அந்தரங்கம் (Vetri Antharangam – Victory Within)
  29. திரைப்பட படை (Thiraippada Padai – Silver Screen Squad)
  30. கபடி போட்டிகள் (Kabadi Pottigal – Kabaddi Warriors)

30 Local Kabaddi Team Names

  1. Chennai Thunderbolts
  2. Mumbai Warriors
  3. Punjab Rampage
  4. Gateway Arch Lions
  5. Ganges Raiders
  6. Diwali Titans
  7. Mumbai Street Food Gladiators
  8. Local Slang Stars
  9. Sachin Tendulkar Smashers
  10. Delhi Bazaar Stompers
  11. Biryani Crushers
  12. Taj Mahal Monarchs
  13. Independence Day Invaders
  14. Golden Sands Protectors
  15. Monsoon Hurricanes
  16. Bengal Tiger Prowlers
  17. Mithila Paintings Dominators
  18. Himalayas Defenders
  19. Lotus Flower Enforcers
  20. Bollywood Mavericks
  21. Mahatma Gandhi Reign
  22. Kathak Dance Conquerors
  23. Sitar Music Strikers
  24. Basmati Rice Guardians
  25. Tajikistan Mountains Blitzers
  26. Mumbai Theater Group Thunder Warriors
  27. Garuda Bird Tornadoes
  28. Kanyakumari Sunset Protectors
  29. Varanasi Street Art Vandals
  30. Athirappilly Falls Sirens

20 Pro Kabaddi Team Names

  1. Patna Pirates
  2. Bengal Warriors
  3. U Mumba
  4. Jaipur Pink Panthers
  5. Puneri Paltan
  6. Telugu Titans
  7. Dabang Delhi
  8. Haryana Steelers
  9. Gujarat Fortune Giants
  10. Bengaluru Bulls
  11. Tamil Thalaivas
  12. UP Yoddha
  13. Raiders of Dabang Mumbai
  14. Punjab Kings
  15. Kerala Blasters
  16. Rajasthan Royal Challengers
  17. Delhi Daredevils
  18. Hyderabad Hammers
  19. Maharashtra Mavericks
  20. Tamil Tigers

20 Best Kabaddi Team Names

  1. Supreme Challengers
  2. Ultimate Titans
  3. Unstoppable Warriors
  4. Fearless Lions
  5. Fierce Dragons
  6. Warriors
  7. Agile Falcons
  8. Roaring Tigers
  9. Invincible Titans
  10. Red Sox
  11. Wolf Gang
  12. Twinz
  13. Broken Bones
  14. Kabaddi Crushers
  15. Solar Sprints
  16. Bulls
  17. Sons of Sun
  18. Angels
  19. Balls Deep
  20. Black Mambas
  21. Invincible Panthers
  22. Mighty Mavericks
  23. Dominant Raiders
  24. Supreme Kings
  25. Fearless Fighters
  26. Royal Gladiators
  27. Masterful Maulers
  28. Unbeatable Hurricanes
  29. Victorious Vipers
  30. Supreme Smashers
  31. Legendary Lions
  32. Prowess Protectors
  33. Fearless Falcons
  34. Elite Eagles
  35. Formidable Forces
  36. Thunderous Thunders
  37. Tenacious Tigers

20 Village Kabaddi Team Names

  1. Village Victors
  2. Rustic Raiders
  3. Rural Rovers
  4. Hinterland Heroes
  5. Countryside Challengers
  6. Village Vandals
  7. Paddy Field Predators
  8. Backcountry Brawlers
  9. Rural Rebels
  10. Grassroots Gladiators
  11. Village Valor
  12. Farmstead Fighters
  13. Village Vipers
  14. Hometown Hammers
  15. Village Vanguards
  16. Heartland Heroes
  17. Field and Forest Flyers
  18. Village Vortex
  19. Country Courage
  20. Village Vikings

20 Iran Kabaddi Team Names

  1. Persian Pioneers
  2. Tehran Titans
  3. Isfahan Invincibles
  4. Shiraz Smashers
  5. Tabriz Tigers
  6. Kerman Kings
  7. Mashhad Mavericks
  8. Qom Quake
  9. Ahvaz Avengers
  10. Yazd Yodhas
  11. Rasht Raiders
  12. Urmia Uprising
  13. Gorgan Gladiators
  14. Hamadan Hurricanes
  15. Karaj Kings
  16. Ardabil Assailants
  17. Khorramabad Knights
  18. Bandar Abbas Blazers
  19. Zahedan Zealots
  20. Abadan Avengers

30 Women’s Kabaddi Team Names

Kabaddi team name ideas
  1. Fearless Femmes
  2. Women Warriors
  3. Lioness Legends
  4. Prowess Princesses
  5. Supreme Sirens
  6. Mighty Maidens
  7. Invincible Valkyries
  8. Bengal Tigresses
  9. She-Stallions
  10. Lady Gladiators
  11. Thunder Thetas
  12. Wonder Women
  13. Feminine Forces
  14. Femme Fighters
  15. Amazonian Angels
  16. Queen Cobras
  17. Goddess Guardians
  18. Dauntless Divas
  19. Femme Fatales
  20. Stellar Sistars
  21. Femme Phoenix
  22. Empress Enforcers
  23. Serene Slayers
  24. Mighty Marauders
  25. Enigmatic Embers
  26. Supreme She-Raiders
  27. Femme Frenzy
  28. Reigning Lionesses
  29. Daring Divas
  30. Empower Eves

Tips for Choosing A Perfect Kabaddi Team Name

Picking the ideal team name can be an exciting and fulfilling endeavor, offering you a chance to express the identity and purpose of your group. 

Here are five helpful guidelines to assist with selecting an amazing name:

1. Reflect Team Identity and Values

When selecting a team name, take some time to explore what your team stands for and believes in its identity, values, aspirations, etc. Your name should represent this essence by mirroring these principles with real reflection into reality – this way, there’s always been an integral link between your name and team identity and values!

2. Make it Memorable

An effective team name should stick in your memory like an unforgettable melody, not easily forgotten but leaving an imprint that remains. Simplicity often plays an essential part in memorability. Choose something simple rather than lengthy or complex names, as they’ll likely slip under your radar more quickly!

3. Consider Your Audience and Context

It is crucial that when choosing a team name, you consider who it will be encountered by and its context of usage so as to choose an apt moniker that won’t cause offense or alienate anyone. Choosing one that makes people proud to display shouldn’t alienate or offend anybody either!

4. Encourage Creativity and Expression

Let your creative energy run wild when coming up with team names. Wordplay, puns, and inventive combinations can add a playful, distinct identity to your team’s identity. Don’t be intimidated to venture into uncharted linguistic territory, as this could yield unexpected and delightful outcomes!

5. Consider Availability and Uniqueness

Before finalizing the name for your team, please do your research into its availability. Make sure it hasn’t already been taken by other groups or entities on social media platforms, websites, and domains where your presence will exist. This way, you’re securing one that exclusively represents you will help strengthen its identity!


Kabaddi team names can evoke powerful emotional responses in their audience. These team names not only stand as the name for one team in Kabaddi; they represent fearlessness, unwavering spirit, unity, and the indomitable will to win that inspires every heart-pounding bout on the floor. When the dust settles and the cheers have subsided, remember that behind every successful Kabaddi squad, there exists an unforgettable name that symbolizes passion, unification, and an undying will to prevail. Please share this article if you find it helpful.