200+ Face Painting Business Names: Your Ticket to Success (2023)

Starting your own face painting business can be an incredible journey and is like opening an exciting present that awaits to be shared. Take this exhilarating opportunity as an opportunity to craft the company of your dreams! Your company should reflect its purpose and your creativity as an artist, so we have collected over 200 face painting business names. Each is unique with its own narrative & charm, ready for you to pick out of our treasure trove of possibilities!

No less than an artistic journey awaits you with each name; choose one that speaks to your soul! Prepare for an epic voyage where discovering that perfect name becomes part of an incredible discovery process that turns your business into something beautiful!

Cool Face Painting Business Names

cool face painting business names

Choosing a cool name for your face painting business is more than a simple label; it expresses artistic brilliance! A cool name adds flair and personality to your venture, like the vibrant brush strokes on a canvas, setting you apart in a world of colors. So, seize upon its power for success!

  1. Brushed Expressions
  2. Chroma Couture
  3. Whimsy Faces
  4. Spectrum Strokes
  5. Peculiar Palette
  6. Face Painting Fantasy
  7. Picasso On The Go
  8. Killer Faces
  9. Face Glam
  10. Go Exotic Face Painting
  11. Well Virgin
  12. Angelic Faces
  13. Sandra’s Face Painting
  14. Fancy Face Painting
  15. Paint Bliss
  16. Moremist
  17. Turbine Tree
  18. Bright Smiles
  19. Not Your Average Face Painter
  20. Paint Me Pretty Please!
  21. Dark Aura
  22. Face Painting Professionals
  23. Admire Hands
  24. All Art Is Face Painting
  25. Record Painting
  26. Color Made Easy
  27. Face Painting Festival
  28. Funky Faces Painting Ideas
  29. Streetwing
  30. Little Face Painting Company
  31. ColorAlchemy
  32. Artistry Aura
  33. DreamInk Designs
  34. Face Fantasia
  35. Prism Pizzazz
  36. Sparkle Spectrum
  37. Imagine Ink
  38. FaceCrafters
  39. Glimmer Gurus
  40. Visage Visions
  41. Mystic Masks
  42. Vivid Whirl
  43. Radiant Revels
  44. EnchantiBrush
  45. Fancy Facades
  46. Kaleidoscope Charms
  47. StarrySkin Studios
  48. Creative Canvas
  49. MirrorMagic Artistry
  50. WonderBrush Creations
  51. Neon Nouveau
  52. Chromatic Characters
  53. Whirlwind Wonders
  54. LuminaLuxe Faces
  55. Illusion Ink Designs
  56. Factory 18 Face Painting
  57. Colored Studios
  58. Avocado Face Painting
  59. Picture Perfect Face
  60. Face In The Crowd
  61. Paint Without The Pain
  62. Hidden Identities
  63. Discount Face Painting
  64. Angel Freddy
  65. Dirtydirty
  66. Turtlefusion
  67. Wicked Face Painters
  68. Face Painting Warriors
  69. The Face Study
  70. Head To Toe
  71. Stegbrett Face Painting
  72. Painting Hubz

50 Best Face Painting Business Names

Your moniker is what Makes People Remember You and What Makes Them Visit You Over Someone Else. It’s What Get More Sales Quicker than You Ever Imagined.

As a Small Face Painter Business Owner, You Should Not Limit Yourself to The Generic and Conventional Names Your Competitors Are Using. You Need Something Unique, Catchy, and Creative.

face painting
  1. Fantasy Faces
  2. Brushed by Imagination
  3. Enchanted Expressions
  4. Colorful Canvas Creations
  5. WhimsyWorks
  6. Sparkling Smiles
  7. Mythical Makeovers
  8. Face Fairytale
  9. Artistry Alchemy
  10. Magical Masks
  11. Kaleidoscope Dreams
  12. Wonderland Wonders
  13. Storybook Strokes
  14. Dream Dabbles
  15. Mystic Mirage
  16. Cosmic Contours
  17. Ethereal Elegance
  18. Prism Portraits
  19. Whirlwind Whiskers
  20. Radiant Revelry
  21. Masked Marvels
  22. WonderGaze
  23. The Masked Muse
  24. Giggles and Glitter
  25. Starry-eyed Splendor
  26. Rainbow Rendezvous
  27. Illusion Impressions
  28. Imagine Inks
  29. Enigmatic Express
  30. Timeless Transformations
  31. Secret Garden Strokes
  32. Enchanted Essence
  33. Whimsical Wonders
  34. Phantasy Faces
  35. Aura Accents
  36. Spectral Strokes
  37. Vivid Visions
  38. Celestial Charms
  39. Fanciful Feathers
  40. Masked Moments
  41. Serendipity Stencils
  42. Mythical Marvels
  43. Artisan Auras
  44. Sparkle Stories
  45. Wonderland Whispers
  46. Cosmic Colors
  47. Illusionary Ink
  48. Whirlwind Whispers
  49. Gazebo Glamour
  50. Dreamland Dabs

Creative Face Painting Business Names

creative face painting business names

Creative names for face painting businesses are more than marketing tools; they reveal your artistic soul. Customers respond well to monikers that pique their curiosity; don’t settle for anything mundane! Let your name speak volumes of who you are as an individual artist! 

A captivating name will set your business apart in a competitive market, quickly attracting customers easily – don’t limit your artistic potential: let it portray it! So unleash your creative flare by painting your business name with brilliance!

  1. Darkforce Painting
  2. Fashion Stories
  3. Beubelle Painting
  4. The Magicians Workshop
  5. Fun Fx Face Painters
  6. Mysteva
  7. Rapidlibo Face Painting
  8. Every Face Has A Story
  9. Changing Faces
  10. Fun Faces By Mimi
  11. Astonishing Faces
  12. Solo Soul
  13. Wagner Events Face Painting
  14. Sparkling Faces Face Painting
  15. Phantastic Faces
  16. Masterpieces
  17. Glittering Facial Jewels
  18. Face Painting Fun
  19. Face Painting Corner
  20. Urban Creativity
  21. Funny Facez
  22. Curlycrew Face Painting
  23. Ace Face Painter
  24. Amazing Face Paint
  25. Art of Painting
  26. Artistic Expressions
  27. Berry Pink Face
  28. Colorful Expression Face Painting
  29. Enchanted Artistry
  30. Fabulous Faces
  31. Face Painting by Nicole
  32. Faces Painted in A Snap!
  33. Faces by Samantha
  34. Fantasy Face Painter
  35. Fantasy Face Painting
  36. Fantasy Facials
  37. Funky Faces by Sunflower
  38. Fun Faces by Mimi
  39. Lil Faces
  40. Little Miss Face Painting
  41. Magical Faces
  42. Masterpiece Faces and Freckles!
  43. Decorating Your Face
  44. Glitz Face Painting
  45. Crownsville Facial
  46. Not Your Usual Face
  47. It’s My Turn Painting
  48. Fun Zone Face Painting
  49. Sugar Plum Face Painting
  50. Freshfind Painting
  51. Funky Orca
  52. Pretty Under Our Makeup
  53. Facial Queens
  54. Face Race
  55. Amazing Face Paint
  56. Astute Painting
  57. Foxy Faces!
  58. Design Of Mine
  59. Paint with Faces
  60. Paint My Face
  61. Painted Faces
  62. Painted Faces for All Occasions
  63. Parties Galore
  64. Pretty Under Our Makeup
  65. Smile It Faces
  66. Sparkling Faces Inc
  67. Sugar Plum Face Painting
  68. Sweet Face Designs
  69. The Human Canvas
  70. The Magicians Workshop
  71. Wonderful Faces
  72. Xo Face Painting
  73. Face Painting And Parties
  74. Pencil Surprises
  75. Glittery Tattoos
  76. Facials Sensation
  77. Evans Events
  78. Magic Of Brushes
  79. Heavenswing
  80. Wild Child Face Art
  81. Double Takes
  82. Sugar Plum Face Painting
  83. Amazing Face Paint
  84. Fun Zone Face Painting
  85. Wagner Events Face Painting
  86. Masterpieces

Face Painting Company Names

  1. Rainbow Faces
  2. Painted Smiles
  3. Fantasy Faces
  4. Whimsical Expressions
  5. Colorful Canvas Creations
  6. Sparkle and Shine Face Art
  7. Magic Masks
  8. Face Fiesta
  9. Happy Strokes
  10. Enchanted Visages
  11. Brushed Dreams
  12. Starry Faces
  13. Carnival Colors
  14. GlitterGlam Faces
  15. Painted Pizzazz
  16. Fancy Face Fantasy
  17. Brushed Brilliance
  18. Smudge-Free Sparkles
  19. Face Fairytale
  20. Palette of Joy
  21. Mystic Masks
  22. Wonderland Whiskers
  23. Glitz ‘n’ Glamour Face Artistry
  24. Whisker Wizards
  25. Face Flair Factory
  26. Artistic Aura Faces
  27. Creative Contours
  28. Giggles ‘n’ Grins Face Paint
  29. Face Fusion Fantasy
  30. Posh Painted Portraits
  31. Color Craze Creations
  32. Blissful Brushstrokes
  33. Fancy Faces Unlimited
  34. Face Fantasia Factory
  35. Mythical Masks & Makeup
  36. Painted Whispers Studios
  37. Artistry Alchemy Faces
  38. Kaleidoscope Expressions
  39. WhimsyWonders Face Artistry

Funny Face Painting Business Names

face painting business

A fun and hilarious name will set the scene for laughter and excitement while drawing customers who embrace this creative art form. Take your time creating one; use your creativity to create names as distinctive as your vibrant designs!

  1. Painted Smiles & Wiggles
  2. Cheeky Creations Face Art
  3. Doodle Dazzlers
  4. Picasso Face Pops
  5. Clownish Expressions
  6. WhimsiPaint Faces
  7. The Masking Store
  8. Rainbow Land
  9. Instant Face Painting Inc.
  10. Honey Bunch Face Painting
  11. Picasso For Your Face
  12. Masterpiece Faces And Freckles!
  13. Supernatural Face Painting
  14. Cleancut Facials
  15. Facethrill
  16. Crimssom Painting
  17. Prettier You
  18. Art Secrets
  19. Messy Face Painter
  20. Flash Animation Face Painting
  21. Liferevive Painting
  22. Face Painting Queen
  23. Silly Faces
  24. The Face Menagerie
  25. The Face Menagerie (duplicate)
  26. Face Value (oh so Clever)
  27. Color Clown Chronicles
  28. Happy Camper Face Art
  29. Grin and Paint
  30. KaleidoSmiles
  31. Giggle Brushes
  32. Funky Face Frames
  33. Jolly Joker Faces
  34. Whisker Wonders
  35. Tickled Tints
  36. See U Soon
  37. See U Soon (duplicate)
  38. Mr. Smiley (wavy mouth/smile)
  39. I Smell Fun (Funny Face Painting)
  40. Party Faces
  41. Instant Smiles
  42. Giggle and Paint
  43. Paint the Town Red
  44. Colours On You
  45. Glittery Tattoos
  46. Orange Passion
  47. Lil Faces
  48. Mirthful Masks
  49. Peculiar Portraits
  50. Chuckles & Colors
  51. Quirky Quill Faces
  52. Whacky Whisker Wizards

Catchy Face Painting Business Names

Face painting is popular among women and kids. A captivating name will attract customers, so allow your imagination to run wild to create one that matches the vibrant designs you will paint onto faces! After all, in this expressive world of artistry, a name marks your first brushstroke toward success!

  1. The Face Art Company
  2. Sticky Fingers Face Paint Studio
  3. Face Painting Designs
  4. Faces Painted Here
  5. Avocado Face Painting
  6. Amazing Face Painting
  7. Wizard Face Painter
  8. Amazing Face Painting
  9. Funky Faces
  10. Magic Mike’s Face Painting
  11. Face My Designs
  12. Sparkle And Shine Face Painting
  13. Face Magic
  14. The Backyard Face Painter
  15. Art Of Painting
  16. Dreamer’s Face Painting
  17. Fantastic Face Painting
  18. The Painting Van
  19. Filmy Face
  20. Happy Hooligans
  21. Circus Arts Face Painter
  22. Face Painting Nation
  23. Sunshine Expressions
  24. Sticky Fingers Face Paint Studio
  25. Face Salon
  26. The Jealous Curator
  27. Driftwood Painting
  28. Face Painting Jewel
  29. Greater Heights
  30. Big Apple Face Painting
  31. Little Artists Mini Makeovers
  32. Perfect Face
  33. Sixty Seconds Painting
  34. Pro Paints
  35. Face Artworks
  36. Happy Little Faces
  37. Magical Makeovers
  38. Paint Warrior
  39. Face Painting Pro
  40. Awesome Faces
  41. Sweets and Treats Face Painting Inc
  42. Bling Bling Face Painter
  43. Face Wizard
  44. Foxy Faces!
  45. A Face Painting Fantasy
  46. Painted Prettiness Parlor
  47. KaleidoCanvas Artistry
  48. WhiskerWonders Face Studio
  49. MysticMask Masters
  50. Sparkle & Strokes Face Art
  51. WonderWorks Face Paint
  52. ImagineInk Face Designs
  53. Fantastical Fancies
  54. Rockwish
  55. Pixel Perfect
  56. The Brush Brothers
  57. Painting Porter Earth

How To Come Up With A Name For Your Face Painting Business

Are You Exploring Face Painting as a Business Opportunity? One of the first steps on this colorful journey should be selecting an ideal name for your face painting venture. Let’s share with you some naming tips below:

1. Brainstorm Ideas

Start by unleashing your imagination! Grab a sketchbook and jot down words, phrases, and concepts that resonate with your artistic vision – be creative with this brainstorming session; mix up ideas until something truly remarkable emerges!

2. Keep It Short and Pronounce it Smoothly

A name that rolls off people’s tongues easily is like poetry in motion, making the right impression on visitors who hear your name for the first time. Opting for simplicity over complexity may prove even more striking in your success as an entrepreneur.

3. Take into Account Your Style and Design Types

Your name should reflect what makes you unique as an artist: whimsical fairytale designs or eye-catching masterpieces. Your unique name should represent this.

4. Explore Online Business Name Generator

Use online business name generators as a powerful alternative, where algorithms playfully engage creativity to produce appealing options you may never have considered before. They might surprise you by coming up with something unplanned!

5. Check If Domain Is Available

Securing your online presence in this digital era is crucial, and making sure your desired name can be registered as a domain can give your virtual storefront its best possible impression.

6. Conduct a Trademark Search

Conduct a trademark search before developing strong feelings for any name to prevent legal complications that might compromise the artistic identity. Doing this step before seriously considering adopting it can save time, hassles, and potential legal liabilities later.

7. Request Feedback From Friends and Family

Share the top contender names with those closest to you for feedback on which one best encapsulates your artistic essence. Their opinions could help provide valuable guidance that leads you toward finding the name that captures it all.


Within the vast realm of creativity lies 300+ face painting business names demonstrating humanity’s endless imagination. Each name tells its unique narrative while taking both artists and enthusiasts on an enjoyable self-expressive journey.