300+ Creative Cleaning Business Names To Choose From In 2023!

Starting a cleaning business can open doors of opportunity like no other career path. From laundry service providers and service bureaus to industrial cleaning businesses that service hotels or hospitals – owning one offers endless potential! 

Imagine yourself as the maestro of cleanliness, leading an orchestra of cleaning staff performing meticulous scrubs, sweeps, and shines to create the symphony that resonates with your ambitions and objectives for business ownership. 

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Now, imagine this symphony playing to the tune of a unique business name that suits all these goals perfectly! Names that spark with personality, roll off the tongue like an irresistibly catchy melody, and stick in people’s memories are highly desirable for business success. 

In this treasure trove of 300+ cleaning business names, you will discover an oasis of fresh inspiration like that found after an afternoon rain shower. Explore this list and choose one to give your company its shining edge!

What should I name my cleaning business?

As part of creating an effective cleaning business name, selecting one should reflect its essence while appealing to target audiences. A memorable name must also reflect professionalism and quality services provided – this article has listed several suggestions, including for those interested in Laundry services, so keep reading for more info!

Unused Cleaning Business Names

cleaning business names

Entrepreneurially inclined minds know there lies a treasure chest of untapped creativity: cleaning business names that remain dormant but hold promise and potential that have yet to be unlocked by someone with vision. 

Like hidden constellations bursting with aspirations unfulfilled and whispers of perfect spaces Contractor Invoice Template: let imagination dance among these empty names that hold possibilities like sunlit surfaces – diving deeper will reveal literary gems imbued with cleanliness and rejuvenation.” 

So let us discover this forgotten territory where language plays its part by infusing these names with fresh meaning that convey meaning about cleaning business ownership or services offered.”

  1. CrystalClean Magic
  2. PureGlo Services
  3. ShineSquad Solutions
  4. RadiantRevive Cleansers
  5. SparkSweep Enterprises
  6. GlistenWave Experts
  7. FreshAura Cleaners
  8. EcoShine Innovations
  9. PristinePulse Ventures
  10. BrightHaven Cleaning Co.
  11. SereneScrub Pro
  12. ImmacuLuxe Care
  13. ClearVista Clean
  14. BlissfulBroom Team
  15. AquaGleam Services
  16. AnewGlow Cleaners
  17. ZenithShine Solutions
  18. PrimePurity Crew
  19. Luminex Sparkle
  20. EliteEco Scrubbers
  21. GracefulGrime Gone
  22. SpotlessSymphony
  23. OpulentOasis Clean
  24. RevitaGleam Experts
  25. PureElegance Cleansing
  26. SkylineShine Crew
  27. CharmCleanse Pro
  28. EverBrilliant Care
  29. NovaSweep Innovations
  30. EtherealEcho Cleaning Co.
  31. PearlPulse Ventures
  32. RegalRenewal Pro
  33. SwiftSpark Services
  34. DreamDust Cleaners
  35. Radianza Experts
  36. VelvetTouch Cleansers
  37. ClarityCascade Crew
  38. NatureNook Shine
  39. EnchantedEssence Clean
  40. EffortlessEco Solutions

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Catchy Cleaning Business Names

cleaning business names
  1. Sparkle Squad Cleaners
  2. Gleaming Clean Solutions
  3. FreshStart Cleaning Co.
  4. ShinyHaven Services
  5. CleanWave Crew
  6. PureSweep Professionals
  7. CrystalClear Cleansing
  8. SweepMagic Cleaners
  9. AromaGlow Cleaning
  10. RadiantRevive Services
  11. PristineTouch Crew
  12. Spotless Wonders
  13. EcoShine Cleaning
  14. ClearVue Cleansers
  15. BrightPath Solutions
  16. LuminousClean Ventures
  17. SereneScrub Services
  18. ZenithClean Masters
  19. NeatFreak Brigade
  20. PolishedPerfectionists
  21. SwiftScrub Enterprises
  22. FreshAura Cleaners
  23. SupremeShine Crew
  24. PureCanvas Services
  25. CrispClean Solutions
  26. EverBrite Cleaning Co.
  27. MarvelMaid Ventures
  28. AngelicSweep Services
  29. CleanScape Experts
  30. PristinePalms Cleaning
  31. Dazzling Detailers
  32. Flawless Finishers
  33. Glistening Renewal
  34. Luminous Lift
  35. The Tidy Connection
  36. Soil Surgeons
  37. Grime Defenders
  38. Brilliant Brilliance
  39. Sparkle N’ Gleam
  40. Tidy Transitions
  41. Gleam Team
  42. Purify Pros
  43. Immaculate Domain
  44. Enchanted Maids
  45. Household Heroes
  46. CleanWave
  47. Polished Masters
  48. Spotless Haven
  49. Tidy Gurus
  50. All-Star Cleaning Co.
  51. Alpha Cleaning Services
  52. Amazing Maids
  53. Blissful Cleaning Solutions
  54. Bright Cleaners
  55. Caliber Cleaning Services
  56. Capital Cleaning Company
  57. Castle Cleaning
  58. Clean Legion
  59. Clear Cleaning Services
  60. Complete Cleaning Co.
  61. Delight Housekeeping
  62. Dreamer Cleaners
  63. Essential Cleaning Company
  64. Five-Star Cleaning
  65. Flash Cleaning Solutions
  66. Mighty Tidy Maids
  67. Nimble Cleaners
  68. No More Chores Cleaning Co.
  69. Queen Clean
  70. Rare Form Cleaning Services
  71. Rinse Prince Cleaning
  72. Scrub Hub Cleaning Company

Funny Cleaning Business Names

cleaning company names

Prepare to laugh out loud as we venture through the world of funny cleaning business names! From “Dust Busters R Us” to “Sweep Dreams Clean Team,” these amusing names offer plenty of laughs while upending traditional thinking and routine practices. Watch as your laughter sparkles like new polished countertops!

  1. Dust Busters R Us
  2. Scrub-a-Dub Squad
  3. Maid in Chuckles
  4. Suck It Up Cleaners
  5. Wipe Out Wonders
  6. Whistle While You Work Cleaners
  7. Grime Fighters League
  8. Mopportunity Knocks
  9. Clean Mean Dream Team
  10. Sweep Dreams Cleaning Co.
  11. The Tidy Titans
  12. Polished Puns Cleaning
  13. Sparkle & Giggles Services
  14. Gleam Team Clean
  15. Spotless Shenanigans
  16. Scrubbing Surprises Crew
  17. Broom Boom Cleaners
  18. Laugh & Lather Maids
  19. Happy Hands Cleaning Crew
  20. Dust or Bust Services
  21. Giggles & Grime Removers
  22. Whisked Away Cleaners
  23. Dusty Laughs Cleaning
  24. Chuckle & Shine Solutions
  25. Fluff ‘n Buff Brigade
  26. Grin & Grime Cleaners
  27. Jokes ‘n Mops Enterprises
  28. Chortle & Scrub Services
  29. Bubbly Broommates
  30. Glisten & Guffaw Cleaners
  31. Maid For It Cleaning Company
  32. Custom Maid
  33. Ready Maid Cleaning Services
  34. Promise Maid
  35. Match Maid
  36. Jeepers Sweepers Cleaning
  37. Peachy Clean
  38. Scent to Be Cleaning Co.
  39. Grime and Punishment
  40. Scrub Along Cleaners
  41. The Tidy Bowl
  42. Dirt Be Gone
  43. Dirty Rotten Cleaners
  44. Dust Bunnies Anonymous
  45. Dust Bunnies Cleaning Co.
  46. Dust Busters Cleaning
  47. Mop of the Morning
  48. Sweep Dreams
  49. Swept Away
  50. Scrub-a-Dub-Dub
  51. High Soaps Cleaning Co
  52. The Clean Sweepers Society
  53. The Janitorial Jesters
  54. The Cleaning Witches
  55. Oh My Wash Housekeeping
  56. Change of Clean
  57. Mr. Clean’s Little Helpers
  58. Heaven Scent Housekeeping

Unique Cleaning Business Names

  1. GleamTeam Cleaners
  2. Whistle While We Wipe
  3. Squeaky Clean Solutions
  4. Mop Magic Maestros
  5. Dazzle ‘n’ Dust Delights
  6. Grime Guardians Crew
  7. WipeOut Wonderworks
  8. Broom and Groom Services
  9. ShineFolk Specialists
  10. Polished Perfection Pros
  11. Radiant Revivers Crew
  12. CleanSweep Enchanters
  13. Spick and Span Squad
  14. TwinkleToes Clean Co.
  15. SweepStars Cleanup
  16. Spotless Spirits Crew
  17. ScrubHub All-Stars
  18. SparkleSmiths Team
  19. DustOff Dazzlers
  20. Azure Cleaning Solutions
  21. Bright and Clean
  22. Camellia Cleaning
  23. Capella Cleaners
  24. Charmed Cleaning Solutions
  25. Chateau Cleaning Co.
  26. Citrine Housekeeping
  27. Clean and Clear
  28. Clean Cut Crew
  29. Clean Living
  30. Clean Machine
  31. Cleanliness Crew
  32. Crown Cleaning Company
  33. Crystal Clear Cleaners
  34. Dazzle Cleaning Services
  35. Fresh and Clean
  36. Meticulous Maids
  37. Maid for You
  38. Noble Housekeeping
  39. Opal Maids
  40. Palisade Cleaning Solutions
  41. Paradise Cleaners
  42. Passion for Cleaning
  43. Platinum Cleaning Co.
  44. Polished Pro
  45. Pristine Clean
  46. Pristine Professionals
  47. Purely Clean
  48. Pure and Simple
  49. Rhapsody Housekeeping
  50. Rosewater Cleaning Company
  51. Royal Cleaning Services
  52. Ruby Cleaning Solutions
  53. Scrubbing Bubbles
  54. Shine Squad
  55. Simply Clean
  56. Spark House
  57. Spick and Span
  58. Spotless Services
  59. Tidy Team
  60. Top-Notch Cleaning Crew
  61. Tranquil Cleaners

Good Cleaning Business Names

good cleaning business names
  1. Sparkling Clean Solutions
  2. FreshStart Cleaning Co.
  3. PureGlo Cleaning Services
  4. ShineMaster Cleaners
  5. CrystalClear Maintenance
  6. PristineTouch Cleaning
  7. EliteClean Pro
  8. A1 Spotless Services
  9. RenewedSpaces Solutions
  10. EcoShine Housekeeping
  11. Organic Shine Cleaners
  12. Love Cleaning
  13. Mean Green Clean
  14. King of Clean
  15. Legally Clean

Cute Cleaning Business Names

  1. Aloe Cleaning Services
  2. Broom & Bloom
  3. Bubbles & Brushes Brigade
  4. Green Leaf Cleaning Company
  5. Sparkling Sprites
  6. Princess Cleaning Services
  7. Orange Blossom Maids
  8. Home Gnome Cleaners
  9. Sunflower Cleaning Services
  10. Lovable Lavenders
  11. Scrubbing Sparrows
  12. Peppermint Cleaning Company
  13. Moonwash Cleaning Solutions
  14. Tidy Teddy Team
  15. Cleaning Angels
  16. Happy Place Cleaning Services
  17. Heart of the Home Cleaning
  18. Soapsud Cleaning Co.
  19. Bless This Mess Maids
  20. Cozy Cleaning
  21. Daisy Fresh Cleaning Co.
  22. Gleeful Grime Getters
  23. Sunbeam Cleaning Company
  24. Fairytale Cleaning Solutions
  25. Bliss Cleaning Company
  26. Cherry Blossom Cleaning
  27. Spring Cleaners
  28. Cuddly Cleaners
  29. Stardust Cleaning Solutions
  30. Delightfully Clean
  31. Snuggle & Scrub Squad
  32. Dust Bunny Busters
  33. Maid to Sparkle Unicorns
  34. Country Cleaners
  35. Scrub-a-Doodle Crew
  36. Hearth & Home Cleaning Co.
  37. Dazzling Ducklings
  38. Easy Breezy Housekeeping
  39. Dewdrop Cleaning Services
  40. Bells This Mess Maids
  41. Fluffy Dusters
  42. Seabreeze Housekeeping
  43. Gleeful Grime Getters
  44. Tidy Teddy Team
  45. Mint Cleaning
  46. Clean Earth Maids
  47. Home Sweet Home Cleaning
  48. Twinkling Tidiers
  49. Bright & Breezy Bees
  50. Oatmeal & Honey Cleaning
  51. Bubble Cleaning Co.
  52. Squeaky Squirrels
  53. Posh Panda Polishers

House Cleaning Business Names

cleaning business
  1. Sparkling Homes Cleaners
  2. Clean Sweep House Services
  3. Pristine Living Cleaners
  4. Heavenly Housekeeping
  5. A1 Domestic Cleaners
  6. Fresh Start Cleaning Crew
  7. Supreme Shine Home Services
  8. Crystal Clear House Care
  9. Meticulous Maid Magic
  10. Pure Harmony Cleaning
  11. Elegant Abode Cleaners
  12. Shiny Haven Housekeeping
  13. Flawless Dwell Cleaning
  14. Zenith House Helpers
  15. Immaculate Oasis Services
  16. Radiant Residence Cleaners
  17. Perfect Touch Home Care
  18. Blissful Nest Cleaners
  19. Homestead Harmony
  20. Divine Dwelling Cleaners

Window Cleaning Business Names

  1. ClearVue Window Services
  2. Crystal Panes Cleaners
  3. GleamTech Window Care
  4. Luminous View Cleaners
  5. Elite Edge Window Wash
  6. Pristine Panorama Services
  7. Sparkling Sash Solutions
  8. WindowWise Cleaning Crew
  9. ShineLine Window Pros
  10. CrystalCrest Window Magic
  11. Reflection Renewed Cleaners
  12. SkyGlow Window Experts
  13. A1 Glass Gleamers
  14. VistaVision Cleaning
  15. RadiantGlide Window Care
  16. GleamWorks Window Services
  17. CrystalVista Window Crew
  18. StellarScape Window Care
  19. HorizonSpark Window Cleaners
  20. ClearSky Window Wizards

Mother-Daughter Cleaning Business Names

  1. Generational Clean Team
  2. Mom & Daughter Dust Busters
  3. Harmony House Helpers
  4. Maternal Maid Squad
  5. Motherly Touch Cleaning
  6. FamilyTies Clean Crew
  7. DuoShine Cleaning Duo
  8. CareBond Clean Services
  9. LegacyLuster Cleaners
  10. GenerationsGleam
  11. MaternalMop Masters
  12. TogetherTidy Team
  13. KinClean Harmony
  14. FamilyFresh Cleaning
  15. ParentPurity Crew
  16. KinFusion Cleaners
  17. MatriarchMaid Magic
  18. Kinship CleanSweep
  19. DuoCare House Services
  20. LegacyLove Cleaners

Carpet Cleaning Business Names

  1. FreshFiber Carpet Care
  2. PristinePile Cleaners
  3. CarpetGleam Pro
  4. LuxeLoom Cleaning Crew
  5. SupremeStain Solutions
  6. ReviveRug Carpet Care
  7. FlawlessFiber Cleaners
  8. PoshPile Cleaning
  9. VelvetVista Carpet Pros
  10. RadiantRug Revival
  11. PlushPalace Carpet Crew
  12. FiberFresh Cleaning
  13. SoftStep Pro Cleaners
  14. EliteElegance Carpets
  15. VelvetTouch Care
  16. StainAway Carpet Wizards
  17. PlushPath Clean Crew
  18. LuxeLife Carpet Magic
  19. PreciousPile Care
  20. RadiantRug Experts

Cleaning Business Names in California

  1. CaliClean Services
  2. Golden State Cleaners
  3. PacificBreeze Cleaning
  4. SoCal Sparkle Solutions
  5. SunshineSweep Clean Crew
  6. WestCoast Refresh
  7. CoastalClean Pros
  8. CaliforniaDream Cleaners
  9. SierraShine Services
  10. BayBreeze Clean Crew

Pool Cleaning Business Names

  1. Crystal Clear Pools
  2. AquaCare Pool Services
  3. Sparkling Oasis Pool Cleaners
  4. Blue Wave Pool Maintenance
  5. Sunlit Pool Solutions
  6. Pure Pool Perfection
  7. Coastal Clean Pools
  8. Refresh Pool Services
  9. Paradise Pool Care
  10. Clearwater Aquatics
  11. Serene Pool Sweepers
  12. Pristine Pool Pros
  13. Deep Blue Pool Clean
  14. Tranquil Pools and Spas
  15. AquaGlow Pool Care
  16. Oasis Maintenance Solutions
  17. AquaNova Pool Cleaning
  18. Crystal Cove Pool Experts
  19. SplashClean Pool Service
  20. Shimmering Pool Ventures

Gutter Cleaning Business Names

  1. Gutter Guardian Pros
  2. RainFlow Gutter Services
  3. ClearLine Gutter Solutions
  4. LeafShield Gutter Care
  5. PeakFlow Gutter Cleaners
  6. GutterMasters Maintenance
  7. ProDrain Gutter Experts
  8. SwiftStream Gutter Clean
  9. SureFlow Gutter Techs
  10. CleanRidge Gutter Crew
  11. GutterVista Maintenance
  12. EliteGlide Gutter Services
  13. GoldLeaf Gutter Cleaners
  14. Skyline Gutter Solutions
  15. GutterCare Plus
  16. EverClean Gutter Pros
  17. PrecisionFlow Gutter Services
  18. PerfectPitch Gutter Care
  19. ClearPath Gutter Specialists
  20. SummitGlide Gutter Clean

Car Cleaning Business Names

cleaning business name ideas
  1. AutoGleam Detailing
  2. Sparkling Car Care
  3. Velocity Auto Spa
  4. LuxeShine Mobile Detailing
  5. Pristine Auto Cleaners
  6. ReviveRide Car Wash
  7. EliteAuto Detail Pros
  8. ReflectFinish Car Care
  9. SpeedyShine Auto Spa
  10. GlamourGloss Car Detailing
  11. SupremeAuto Clean Crew
  12. DriveWay Detailers
  13. RadiantRide Car Spa
  14. PrecisionAuto Shine
  15. CrystalClear Car Detail
  16. TurboGlow Auto Care
  17. ShineSync Detailing
  18. DapperDrive Car Cleaners
  19. ShowroomWorthy Detailing
  20. GlossWagon Auto Detail

Shoe Cleaning Business Names

  1. SoleRevive Shoe Care
  2. StepGleam Shoe Services
  3. PolishedStride Cleaners
  4. ShoeSpa Expertise
  5. KickKlean Shoe Care Co.
  6. ShoeSavor Shine Pros
  7. LaceLux Shoe Detailing
  8. FreshStep Shoe Renewal
  9. PoshPolish Shoe Clean
  10. SwiftShine Shoe Solutions
  11. SuedeSpark Shoe Care
  12. GlossyGait Shoe Cleaning
  13. PreciseShine Shoe Crafters
  14. SoleMate Revival
  15. StompClean Shoe Spa
  16. VelourVue Shoe Care
  17. CharmStep Shoe Shine
  18. GlossGuard Shoe Experts
  19. ShineLine Shoe Services
  20. LustrousLace Shoe Care

Forbes Cleaning Business Names

  1. Sparkling Heights Cleaning Services
  2. Prestige CleanCo
  3. EliteShine Solutions
  4. LuxeCare Cleaning Group
  5. RoyalTouch Cleaners
  6. OpulentClean Services
  7. PrimeGleam Solutions
  8. CrystalClear Maid Brigade
  9. EminentScrub Cleaners
  10. RegalRescue Cleaning

Boat Cleaning Business Names

  1. AquaGleam Boat Detailing
  2. NauticalShine Marine Cleaning
  3. WaveWash Yacht Services
  4. Seacraft CleanCo
  5. ShipShape Boat Detailers
  6. MarineMajesty Cleaning
  7. SaltyBreeze Yacht Care
  8. OceanicSpark Boat Services
  9. Captain’sClean Crew
  10. SailGlow Marine Detailing

What makes a good cleaning company name?

A good name for any cleaning business must be memorable, easy to pronounce, and reflect its purpose accurately. A strong cleaning company name should convey professionalism, trustworthiness, and industry trends when selecting its name – something memorable can help set apart one service from others while drawing more customers to join it. 

When picking a name that will stand out and attract more business, it should also consider target markets and industry trends.

Tips on How to Name Your Cleaning Company

Bringing Sparkle to Your Brand: A Guide to Crafting the Perfect Cleaning Company Name

1. Brainstorm:

Naming your cleaning business should reflect its brilliance, like crafting a masterpiece. Grab some tea and pen, and let creativity run wild – whether whimsical, professional, bold, or subtle thoughts come pouring out! Consider what emotions your name evokes: Do you prefer the shimmer of freshly scrubbed floors or serenity in an empty room? Explore all ideas – even those wild ones!

2. Research Existing Names to Achieve Uniqueness:

Research existing cleaning company names to avoid becoming lost in the noise of competition. No one wants their services confused with someone else’s! Your name must stand out like a diamond in the rough! Research all possible names using Google, local directories, and social media to ensure they stand out like no one else can! Don’t allow any similarity – take steps now so your brilliance does not go unnoticed.

3. Consider Online Name Generators:

Are You Feeling Stuck on Naming Your Cleaning Business? Please don’t get bogged down in the name game; online cleaning business name generators provide magical wheels of creativity that allow users to discover names they might never have considered. Embrace this unique way of discovery as it could yield one perfect for your company! Who knows, one may emerge that perfectly captures its essence!

4. Determine Your Brand Position:

Names are more than letters strung together; they define your brand’s identity. Consider where your branding position falls: Are you offering a high-end luxury cleaning service that transforms homes into palaces or an approachable neighborhood cleaning crew who brings joy with their spotless magic? 

Whichever category fits your company’s mission and brand identity best, its name must reflect how brightly its services bring light into clients’ lives.

5. Seek Feedback From Friends and Family as Your Shine Testers.

Before your name hits billboards, share it with those closest to you for feedback – friends and family who know your spirit best can tell if their chosen name captures it properly. At the same time, new eyes might notice things you missed, such as finding hidden diamonds waiting to be polished up!


Naming your cleaning business can be an exciting journey to uncover its unique sparkle. Let your imagination run free during brainstorming to ensure the name you select truly shines brighter than all the rest.

Research existing names, use online generators, and consider branding positions when choosing potential names. Eventually, get feedback from loved ones to uncover that perfect name that represents everything your cleaning service stands for – your name serves as its first impression; make it reflect this brilliance with excellence. If you find our article helpful, please help us to share it.