Choose from 300+ Awesome Salon Names to Elevate Your Brand

Explore a world of elegance where creativity meets beauty and dreams transform into reality. Picture yourself as captaining your salon ship through waves of style and sophistication; your clients become canvasses while every strand of hair becomes art – your salon becomes part of who you are as its name becomes an anchoring identity symbol for all to admire!

Names are more than mere words – they serve as gateways into your vision for something greater! Break away from the usual with our collection of 300+ salon names designed to set yourself apart while simultaneously inspiring emotion in listeners and passersby.

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From whimsical to sophisticated and avant-garde classics alike, this list offers many ideas to explore. Be drawn in by poetic names that spell transformation or quirky puns with cheeky names that raise eyebrows; selections will reflect your aspirations and goals and raise smiles!

Unleash a world where “Chic Cuts” and “Opulent Locks” coexist seamlessly with “Serendipity Styles” and “Fabulive Hair Extensions
” not forgetting names like LavishTress Lounge or Nouveau Nook that capture people’s imagination – these names don’t simply serve as labels but are the first brushstrokes on your blank canvas; these names represent your vision of what lies ahead!

Seize this momentous opportunity as an aspiring salon owner! Allow this list to pique your imagination and spark creative thought processes within you. Your journey toward finding an eye-catching salon name has begun – don’t waste this chance to leave an indelible mark in the beauty industry by telling your story through artful naming choices!

300 Salon Name Ideas

As salon owners know all too well, creating an eye-catching name for their business is paramount. So, let’s dive right into this source of creativity!

50 Hair Salon Names

salon names

Here’s a list of 50 catchy hair salon name ideas that will turn heads and keep your clients coming back for more:

  1. Tress-tination
  2. Locks of Luxury
  3. Mane Attraction
  4. Shear Magic
  5. Hair Haven
  6. Crowning Glory
  7. TressExpress
  8. Hairtopia
  9. Silky Strands
  10. Fringe Benefits
  11. Head Over Heels
  12. Cutting Edge
  13. Hair Mates
  14. The Strand Standard
  15. Hair Flair
  16. The Tress Trendsetters
  17. The Braid Brigade
  18. The Locks Loft
  19. The Hair Haven
  20. The Strand Sanctuary
  21. The Tress Temple
  22. The Shear Sensations
  23. The Coif Cottage
  24. The Cutting Corners
  25. The Dynamic Do’s
  26. The Mane Attraction
  27. The Fringe Fortress
  28. The Follicle Fantasy
  29. The Style Station
  30. The Wave Whisperers
  31. The Hair Affair
  32. The Tress Tryst
  33. The Curl Commanders
  34. The Strands Studio
  35. The Hair Hub
  36. The Locks Lab
  37. The Tress Transformation
  38. The Daring Do’s
  39. The Stylish Silhouettes
  40. The Colorful Coifs
  41. The Snip Sanctuary
  42. The Tress Triumphs
  43. The Hair Harmony
  44. The Scissor Symphony
  45. The Shear Serenity
  46. The Follicle Factory
  47. The Tress Talent
  48. The Curl Collective
  49. The Hair Architects
  50. The Style Symposium

Classy Hair Salon Names

Your salon name sets the scene for your business; for some sophisticated inspiration, check out these 35 classy hair salon names:

  1. Opulent Tresses
  2. The Hair Connoisseur
  3. The Elegant Edge
  4. Refined Locks
  5. Chic Shears
  6. Stylish Strands
  7. The Grand Hair Affair
  8. High-End Hair
  9. The Posh Parlor
  10. Tres Chic Tresses
  11. The Strand Sophisticate
  12. The Elegant Edge
  13. The Refined Retreat
  14. The Luxurious Locks
  15. The Posh Parlor
  16. The Distinguished Do’s
  17. The Hair Couture
  18. The Chic Chateau
  19. The Graceful Graces
  20. The Tress Elegance
  21. The Exquisite Ensemble
  22. The Aristocratic Aesthetics
  23. The Stately Strands
  24. The Polished Parlor
  25. The Cultivated Coif
  26. The Classy Coiffure
  27. The Upscale Umbra
  28. The Swanky Shears
  29. The Hair Haven
  30. The Tress Très Chic
  31. The Refined Refinery
  32. The Hair Connoisseur
  33. The Elegant Emporium
  34. The Sophisticated Silhouette
  35. The Luxe Locks Loung

10 Creative Hair Salon Names

Unleash your creativity and stand out from the competition with these ten imaginative salon names:

  1. Hairway to Heaven
  2. The Hairport
  3. Tresspassers Welcome
  4. Curl Up and Dye
  5. Hairthrob
  6. Scissors Palace
  7. Mane Squeeze
  8. Comb Together
  9. Bangs for the Memories
  10. Hairlarious

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50 Nail Salon Names

nail salon names

Selecting an exceptional name for your nail salon can be like choosing the perfect shade of nail polish – It’s an art! Your salon name serves as its first impression and gives your clients their first glimpse into its vibrant world. Consider what feeling you would like your clients to experience when entering through your doors: excited, luxurious, and oh-so-chic!

  1. Polished Perfection
  2. Nail Nirvana
  3. The Art of Nails
  4. The Nail Nook
  5. Tips and Toes
  6. The Lacquer Lounge
  7. Nailtopia
  8. Posh Polish
  9. Nail Envy
  10. Nail Garden
  11. Polished Perfection
  12. Nail Couture
  13. Dazzling Digits
  14. Pretty Nails
  15. Chic Fingers
  16. Luxe Nails
  17. Nail Obsession
  18. Nail Envy
  19. Nail Affair
  20. Perfectly Polished
  21. The Nail Lounge
  22. The Nail Den
  23. The Nail Boutique
  24. The Nail Room
  25. Nail Nirvana
  26. The Nail Bar
  27. The Nail Emporium
  28. The Nail Gallery
  29. The Nail Atelier
  30. The Nail Spot
  31. Colorful Nails
  32. Flawless Fingers
  33. Glossy Nails
  34. Nail Artistry
  35. Painted Perfection
  36. Nail Haven
  37. Nail Society
  38. Nail Studio
  39. Nailed It!
  40. Nail Charm
  41. The Nail Clinic
  42. The Nail Factory
  43. The Nail Palace
  44. The Nail Spa
  45. The Nail Workshop
  46. The Polish Room
  47. The Pretty Parlour
  48. The Nail Room
  49. The Glamorous Nails
  50. Nail Care Corner

Beauty Salon Names

Are You Dreaming of Launching Your Beauty Palace? Salon names hold an undeniable allure that creates a captivating tale of elegance. Unleash your creative potential when crafting names that encapsulate glamour, indulgence, and your unique story – crafting one to reflect passion, luxury, and magic will only deepen it all further! Each name holds the promise of something beautiful ahead; let your creativity run wild as your name becomes the beginning strokes in creating masterpieces to come!

  1. The Beauty Bar
  2. Allure Aesthetics
  3. The Glamorous Life
  4. Radiant Reflections
  5. The Beauty Lounge
  6. Timeless Elegance
  7. The Gorgeous Grotto
  8. The Beautiful You
  9. Serene Sanctuary
  10. The Beauty Boutique
  11. Beauty Lab
  12. Beauty Loft
  13. Beauty Lounge
  14. Beauty Zone
  15. Radiant Beauty
  16. The Vanity Room
  17. The Powder Room
  18. The Glam Room
  19. The Lash Lounge
  20. The Brow Studio
  21. The Wax Spot
  22. The Skin Studio
  23. The Brow Bar
  24. The Brow Room
  25. The Mane Event
  26. Primp & Polish
  27. Bella Vita Salon
  28. Vain & Vixen
  29. Luxe Locks Salon
  30. Slay & Spray
  31. Glamour Galore
  32. Vixen Hair & Beauty
  33. The Glamorous Groom
  34. The Wax House
  35. The Face Place
  36. The Nail Nook
  37. The Mane Lounge
  38. The Brow Boutique
  39. The Lash Lab
  40. The Skin Spot
  41. The Makeup Studio
  42. The Powder Puff
  43. The Glow Getter
  44. The Hair Hideaway
  45. The Beauty Boudoir
  46. The Siren Salon
  47. The Luxe Lash
  48. The Bombshell Room
  49. The Flawless Face
  50. The Chic Cheek
  51. The Beauty Blueprint
  52. The Radiant Room
  53. The Stunning Studio
  54. The Style Sanctuary
  55. The Effortless Edge

Unique Salon Names

  1. Tressformation
  2. Hairmony
  3. The Hair Lair
  4. Tangled Tales
  5. Shear Serendipity
  6. Locks & Legends
  7. The Hairiverse
  8. The Strand Sanctuary
  9. Kaleidoscope Curls 
  10. The Tress Treasury

Cute Salon Names

Add a touch of charm to your salon name with these 10 adorable options:

  1. Snip and Sparkle
  2. The Hair Hugger
  3. The Cuddly Curl
  4. Tress-tastic!
  5. The Lovely Locks
  6. Whisker Wonderland
  7. The Playful Parlor
  8. The Fuzzy Fringe
  9. The Hairy Fairy
  10. Charming Chairs

Cool Salon Names

  1. The Hair Hideout
  2. Urban Edge
  3. The Hair Collective
  4. The Strand Studio
  5. The Style Spot
  6. Trendsetter’s Paradise
  7. The Chic Shack
  8. The Hair Hub
  9. The Locks Loft
  10. The Shear Spot

50 Funny Salon Names

Bring some humor into your salon name selection process by considering these 50 unusual options:

  1. The Hair-Brained Idea
  2. Split Ends Anonymous
  3. The Frizz Fixers
  4. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
  5. The Mane Event
  6. Shear Delight
  7. The Chop Shop
  8. Scissor Sizzle
  9. Trim & Tonic
  10. The Hair Doozy
  11. Hair We Go Again
  12. Cut It Out
  13. Curl Up and Dye
  14. Bangs for Your Buck
  15. The Hair Lair
  16. Mane Squeeze
  17. The Mane Tamer
  18. Snips and Giggles
  19. The Fringe Follies
  20. Curl Up and Shine
  21. The Cut Above
  22. Mane Attraction
  23. Chop Chop Shop
  24. Hair-itage Place
  25. Locks of Fun
  26. Wigs and Giggles
  27. Mane Street
  28. The Curl Up
  29. Hairloom Salon
  30. Bad Hair Day Fixers
  31. Mane Event Salon
  32. Hairway to Heaven
  33. Shear Delight
  34. The Hairdo Hacienda
  35. Shear Madness
  36. Mane Mania
  37. Hairapy Salon
  38. Hairport
  39. The Comb Over
  40. Mane Squeeze Salon
  41. Scissor Sisters
  42. Shampoodles
  43. The Hair Affair
  44. Hair Force One
  45. Cut and Color Co.
  46. The Mane Frame
  47. Hairway Robbery
  48. Mane Attraction Salon
  49. Hair Mates
  50. The Mane Experience

Catchy Salon Names

Grab your clients’ attention with these options:

  1. Hair-o-licious
  2. The Strand Stand
  3. Tress Treats
  4. Fringe Fantasia
  5. The Shear Shack
  6. Curlfection
  7. Strands of Style
  8. Hairspiration
  9. The Trim Den
  10. The Cut Corner

Country Salon Names

Get into the rustic country spirit with these names:

  1. The Barnyard Beauty
  2. The Hayloft Hair
  3. The Rustic Retreat
  4. The Country Coif
  5. The Rural Refinery
  6. The Prairie Parlor
  7. The Homestead Haven
  8. The Southern Style
  9. The Pasture Parlor
  10. The Countryside Coiffure

French Salon Names

french salon nam ideas

Add a touch of European elegance with these French-inspired salon names:

  1. Le Chic Cheveux
  2. La Belle Coiffure
  3. Le Salon de Beaute
  4. La Maison de Cheveux
  5. L’Atelier des Strands
  6. Le Coiffeur Élégant
  7. Les Cheveux Exquis
  8. La Tresse Parfaite
  9. Le Charme des Locks
  10. Le Salon des Rêves
  11. Belle Vie Salon
  12. Salon de Paris
  13. L’Atelier de Beauté
  14. Le Bon Cheveux
  15. La Maison de Cheveux
  16. Le Coiffeur de Paris
  17. Les Cheveux Chic
  18. La Perle de Beauté
  19. Le Salon Français
  20. La Mode de Cheveux
  21. Le Chic Salon
  22. L’Art de Cheveux
  23. La Beauté Chic
  24. La Coupe de Paris
  25. Les Cheveux en Or
  26. Le Boudoir de Beauté
  27. La Vie en Rose Salon
  28. Le Jardin de Cheveux
  29. Le Salon Chic
  30. La Coiffure de Paris
  31. Le Style Français
  32. L’Atelier de Coiffure
  33. La Vie en Couleurs Salon
  34. Les Cheveux Luxe
  35. Le Rendez-Vous de Beauté
  36. La Belle Coiffeuse
  37. Le Monde de Cheveux
  38. Le Salon Privé
  39. L’Univers de Beauté
  40. La Petite Salon
  41. Le Charme de Cheveux
  42. La Chevelure Française
  43. L’Institut de Beauté
  44. Le Studio de Cheveux
  45. Le Chapeau de Cheveux
  46. Le Salon de Luxe
  47. Le Monde de la Coiffure
  48. La Coupe Chic
  49. Le Palais de la Beauté
  50. L’Emporium de Beauté

Royal Salon Names

  1. The Crowned Coif
  2. The Majestic Mane
  3. The Throne Room
  4. The Royal Retreat
  5. The Regal Parlor
  6. The Sovereign Style
  7. The Monarch’s Mirror
  8. The Aristocratic Aesthetic
  9. The Courtly Coiffure
  10. The King’s Coif

Unisex Salon Names

These 30 inclusive salon names will attract clients of both genders:

  1. The Hair Hangout
  2. Mane & Co.
  3. Hair & Beyond
  4. Tress Trendz
  5. Cut Above Salon
  6. Strand Society
  7. Da Street Salon
  8. Locks Lounge
  9. Hair Quarters
  10. Studio Pub
  11. The Hair Hub
  12. Hair Central
  13. Mane Masters
  14. The Cutting Edge Salon
  15. Hair Societ
  16. Style Station
  17. Hair Haven
  18. The Mane Event
  19. Salon 360
  20. Strands for All
  21. The Equal Edge
  22. The Universal Parlor
  23. The Inclusive Inn
  24. The Balanced Beauty
  25. The All-Welcome Oasis
  26. Style Spectrum
  27. The Hair House
  28. The Shear Sphere

Esthetician Salon Names

Highlight your services as an esthetician by adopting one of these names for the salon:

  1. The Skin Studio
  2. The Complexion Connection
  3. The Glow Getter
  4. The Radiant Retreat
  5. The Skin Sanctuary
  6. The Rejuvenation Room
  7. The Derma Den
  8. The Esthetic Escape
  9. The Complexion Clinic
  10. The Skin Haven

Boho Salon Names

  1. The Wanderlust Whiskers
  2. The Gypsy Tress
  3. The Bohemian Braid
  4. The Wildflower Parlor
  5. The Earthy Escape
  6. The Nomadic Nook
  7. The Dreamy Den
  8. The Enchanted Edge
  9. The Whimsical Waves
  10. The Free-Spirited Fringe

Italian Salon Names

  1. Bella Capelli
  2. Il Salone di Stile
  3. La Casa dei Capelli
  4. L’Atelier di Bellezza
  5. Capelli Chic
  6. Stile Italiano
  7. La Tua Bellezza
  8. Il Rifugio Radioso
  9. Capelli Eleganti
  10. Il Mondo dei Capelli

Luxury Salon Names

Add an elegant feel to your salon with these ideas:

  1. The Opulent Oasis
  2. The Lavish Locks
  3. The Posh Parlor
  4. The Plush Palace
  5. The Ritzy Retreat
  6. The Elegant Emporium
  7. The Prestige Parlor
  8. The Luxe Lounge
  9. The Glamour Grotto
  10. The Sumptuous Sanctuary

Makeup Salon Names

Selecting an ideal salon name that expresses your artistry and allure is like crafting a masterpiece; let your name reflect this art form! Put sparkle and creativity into your brand with an unforgettable name that draws customers like sparkles of diamonds.

  1. The Glamour Gallery
  2. The Makeup Mansion
  3. The Cosmetics Castle
  4. The Painted Parlor
  5. The Beauty Brush
  6. The Fabulous Face
  7. The Makeup Maestro
  8. The Visage Venue
  9. The Artful Aesthetic
  10. The Palette Parlor

Good Salon Names

  1. The Strand Studio
  2. The Hair Hideaway
  3. The Tress Temple
  4. The Locks Lounge
  5. The Shear Sanctuary
  6. The Beautification Boutique
  7. The Style Suite
  8. The Tress Terrace
  9. The Coif Castle
  10. The Hair Haven

Barbershop names

These barbershop names have been carefully created to draw customers seeking an exceptional grooming experience into a particular shop.

  1. Razor Sharp Cuts
  2. The Hairman’s Den
  3. Clip & Trim
  4. The Grooming Room
  5. The Clipper Club
  6. The Haircut Hut
  7. The Cut House
  8. The Buzz House
  9. The Sharp Cut
  10. The Clip Joint
  11. The Razor’s Edge
  12. The Haircut Studio
  13. The Hair House
  14. The Shave Shack
  15. The Clip & Shave
  16. The Grooming Parlor
  17. The Clipper House
  18. The Cut Above
  19. The Blade Room
  20. The Hair Room
  21. The Razor Room
  22. The Clipper Co.
  23. The Cut Bar
  24. The Grooming Lounge
  25. The Hair Works
  26. The Groom Room
  27. The Haircut Spot
  28. The Sharp Shop
  29. The Clip Zone
  30. The Buzz Spot
  31. The Razor’s Den
  32. The Haircut Place
  33. The Hair Kingdom
  34. The Clipper Crew
  35. The Cut Crew
  36. The Grooming Crew
  37. The Blade House
  38. The Hair House Co.
  39. The Clipper Workshop
  40. The Cut Loft
  41. Bros’
  42. Minute Barber
  43. A Cut Above
  44. Style Doctors
  45. Hair Genius
  46. Royal Barber
  47. The Cleanup
  48. Sleek & Sharp
  49. Cut Crew
  50. Cut ‘N’ Shave
  51. Tailored
  52. Clipper

How To Choose Your Salon Name?

Have you considered the significance of choosing an effective name for your new business venture? In today’s salon-filled environment, choosing an effective name could make or break its success, so take this process seriously when considering starting one up! Think carefully when making this important decision!

Your brand needs an unmistakable identity that captures who it represents; here are four suggestions to help you choose an eyelash salon business name.

1. Your Salon Name Should Be Unique And Memorable. 

Remember, first impressions matter. Whether potential customers walk past or search online for salon names, your goal should be for them to recognize and remember your salon immediately upon seeing its name or listing.

Unique hair salon names stand out and can help set you apart from competitors.

Think carefully about how your salon name encapsulates your brand and desired customer experience. Do you wish to convey an air of luxury or emphasize an eco-friendly approach to hairstyling?

An attractive name can help communicate its purpose to customers and draw their interest.

2. Ensure your salon name is easy to pronounce and spell. 

As apparent as it may seem, ensuring your salon name can easily and quickly be communicated between staff members is critical for success.

An awkward-sounding name could turn away customers. Additionally, consider how written-down versions would look, as they will need to look attractive on signage, business cards, and websites.

3. You’ll want to do some research on your competition.

Research local salons to identify trends or overused names; this will enable you to understand better which names attract customers and stand out in a crowd of similar establishments.

Additionally, when creating the name for your salon, you should ensure it does not infringe upon any trademarks or have negative connotations. A quick online search or consultation with an intellectual property lawyer should help ensure it will pass muster.

4. Gather feedback from trusted friends, family, or potential clientele

Their expertise will provide invaluable insight into how the public perceives your name while offering suggestions or modifications you had yet to consider previously. By including their thoughts in your decision process, you can ensure a salon name that resonates with its target market and makes an excellent first impression.


Name shopping can be both thrilling and arduous! Make sure your target audience, brand personality, services offered, and services provided all play into choosing an ideal name for your salon or spa.

Remember: the perfect name can elevate your brand and set the stage for its success in a competitive salon industry.