How to Leverage Flawless Integration of Oracle Patch Updates in Your System?

With technical advancement every now and then, you can’t always foresee any cyber threats. To ensure safety of your software, regular updates are essential. For this, industrial giants release regular updates to tackle unannounced issues. In that series, Oracle patch updates are always on time to address their customers’ security and functionality threats. They tend to enhance the seamless functionality of the software just to ease users’ stress.

What Do We Understand with Oracle Patch Update?

Oracle Patch Update or Critical patch updates are released to tackle bugs or glitches in the system or enhance its security and working. Oracle releases these updates in cumulative patches. It means a pack of patches to fix all existing threats to the current version of the software. They release those updates regularly on the 3rd Tuesday of January, April, July, and October. So, following are the dates of 2024 updates

  • 16 January 2024
  • 16 April 2024
  • 16 July 2024
  • 15 October 2024

As we know, Oracle already released its first quarterly edition of critical patch updates of this year. It addresses 389 existing vulnerabilities of on-premises products. These patches address existing threats in a wide range of products like oracle code, third-party components, and others.

Is Critical Security Update Necessary for Your On-Premises Products?

To enhance the efficiency of any software you need regular updates. With this focused intention, purpose of patch updates are:

  • Resolve prior threats: To enhance your working experience every latest patch update tries to tackle all possible existing threats. Whether it is related to security or performance of the software.
  • Amplify security and functionality: Patch updates are not just for resolving existing issues of the software. It also aims to enhance the security of the software for predictable threats, along with smooth functioning.
  • Inducing new features and functions: Not just making the software error-free; Oracle tries to cover effortless working also. That’s why they include features and functions to enhance the user experience.
  • Elevating the maintenance: Oracle making their every patch update seamless and cost-efficient in order to enhance software maintenance and infrastructure.
  • Offering virtual assistance:Oracle provides online assistance for the upgrading process. Just to have seamless update integration with the existing system. Because nothing is better than getting help while facing any issue.
  • Identifying and tackling the root of the problems: Just resolving the issue won’t make the cut. Identify and resolve the root cause of any problems essential. So, that users will not face the same situation again & again with different threats alert. Hence, Oracle makes sure they rectify the issue at the root level.
  • Executing product updates: Oracle wants their patch updates irresistible for their customers. Therefore, they include every possible update along with functions for effortless integration of these upgrades.

It’s better to integrate patch updates with your system as soon as possible. Because early integration of updates is essential to avoid foreseen complications. Delaying them will expose your system to potential vulnerabilities and security risks, inviting unseen attacks.

A timely upgrade will ensure that your system remains secure against threats, maintaining optimal performance. Punctual implementation of patches also aligns with best practices in cybersecurity, fortifying your defense mechanisms. Therefore, it is advisable to prioritize and integrate updates promptly to safeguard your system. Also, make sure to maintain secure operational infrastructure of the system.

Want to Know More About Seamless Integration of Patch Updates?

We now know how essential Oracle patch updates are! Now the question arises – How to integrate them efficiently without disturbing the existing system functionality and infrastructure? The answer to this question is ‘test automation’.

It’s not easy to integrate any update in your system but testing with Opkey eliminates business risks. Opkey a non-code testing tool will help you in:

  • Tackling bugs: Updates are introduced to fix bugs in previous versions. Automation testing makes sure they do what they intend to do! It means while upgrading you don’t come across any new bugs. It helps to maintain the efficiency of the software throughout the procedure.
  • Construct compatibility: Automation testing ensures that new updates are compatible with the current database, application, and infrastructure. Just to ensure you don’t face any upcoming threats for your system.
  • Improve security: Security is the crucial factor for any software hence Oracle tries to bridge the gap between issues and solutions with patch updates. But exceptions are everywhere! There might be a chance that integration procedure poses threats more than security to existing databases; due to some complications. Such situations are avoidable with testing as it’ll ensure the safety of the existing system more than anything.
  • Efficiency of latest features: If the integration process fails to execute properly then you can’t utilize the benefits of the latest features of updates. Opkey automation testing refrain you from such situations. As it’ll assist you in the seamless integration of the updates with your system. Also, make sure you’re able to leverage the benefits of it.

Opkey- A No-Code Testing Tool for Your Smooth Updates Integration

For the flawless working of your software you need Oracle patch updates. So, as testing to leverage its benefits. It is an integral part of any upgrade procedure in order to protect its reliability, integrity, and functionality, with the existing database and infrastructure. Automation testing, particularly with Opkey, a leading codeless testing tool, enables organizations to confidently adopt Oracle patch updates, ensuring secure, stable systems aligned with users’ objectives.

Opkey’s no-code test automation feature allows employees without any coding knowledge to participate in testing. Its technical features, such as one-click test creation and a drag-and-drop interface, are easier to perform. Additionally, Opkey incorporates AI to enhance testing efficiency with features like self-healing techniques. So you don’t need to invest your human resources and a good amount of time; just to maintain an efficient testing procedure. Save your precious resources to claim new business opportunities, and let the testing be handled by Opkey!

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