Types of effective software and its impact on E-commerce

A business area such as e-commerce is actively developing. Every minute new technology companies are launched in this area and spending a lot of money on developing existing ones. Many e-commerce development companies are ready to provide effective and cost-effective business development.

The main three factors that triggered the rise in e-commerce in Latin America are the growth in the number of Internet users, the increase in users of banking services, and new online shoppers. Online sales have been increasing significantly for several years in a row. The penetration of social networks throughout Latin America is simply enormous. 63% of Latinos use social media, making it easy for businesses to sell products via various social platforms. networks.

E-commerce retail sales in Latin America are growing and will continue to grow yearly. This factor also comes as more consumers have access to credit and debit cards. Many mobile shoppers in this region use their cellular devices for e-commerce purchases at least once a month. It is also influenced by the fact that digital payments are gaining momentum today.

Growth of Internet sales

An important factor that influenced the growth of online sales is Covid-19. Since the start of the pandemic, the number of online shoppers for consumer goods has continued to increase inexorably, with four times more online shoppers today than in 2019.

Digital penetration is growing steadily. It is easy to see — online purchases by private buyers have increased significantly, and even consumers from the lowest socio-economic segments remain active. Previously, the lack of digital access was a barrier for consumers in this group.

Some e-commerce segments.

The personal care e-commerce segment achieved the highest number of e-commerce buyers in Latin America. People prefer online shopping for personal care products as price and delivery charges are not a big concern as these products last longer than other FMCG products. This trend is also influenced by the narrowly focused online stores themselves, which sell only personal hygiene products; they enable the buyer to quickly and easily become familiar with the brand, the purpose of the product, and reviews of other buyers about the product of interest.

The same applies to online platforms that offer shoes or clothing to the buyer. After all, ordering your favorite model online is easier and often cheaper. On clothing sites, it is easy to choose your size for a given product.

But online food sales have not taken off, since the cost and delivery time make buying food online more expensive than buying it offline. It is worth noting that during the pandemic, food was the most purchased category of goods, then the majority of all online users had food products on every receipt.

Online trading allows you to increase your existing customer base (a huge number of people use the Internet), create maximum convenience for the consumer (you can make a purchase without leaving your favorite social network), and reduce business costs (there is no need for hired labor, renting or purchasing premises for a retail outlet). If you want to move with the times and increase profits, then you should think about opening e-commerce.

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