North Carolina: A Trailblazer in the Esports Arena

The state of North Carolina has carved out a significant niche for itself in the esports industry, hosting a wide array of competitions that attract participants and audiences both locally and nationally. The growth reflects a broader trend where esports has become a major part of the entertainment and sports industry, with North Carolina at the forefront of this evolution.

Esports in North Carolina: A Growing Phenomenon

Esports in North Carolina is experiencing explosive growth, leveraging the state’s rich technological landscape and passionate sports culture. North Carolina State University (NC State) is leading the charge with ambitious projects aimed at cementing the state’s position as a key player in the esports arena. With a $16 million grant from the state government, NC State is on track to building the largest college esports arena in the United States, which is expected to open its doors in 2026. 

This facility aims to serve as a competitive space and as a learning environment for students, offering hands-on experiences in event planning, hospitality management, and more. Additionally, some of the funding is allocated towards a mobile esports platform intended to bring competitive gaming experiences across the state, ensuring wider accessibility and engagement with the esports phenomenon​​​​.

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) is another institution making significant strides in integrating esports into its educational and extracurricular offerings. UNCG has established the Scholastic Esports Alliance, which provides high schools across the state with the opportunity to participate in esports, combining competitive gaming with a STEM-focused curriculum. This initiative aims to foster a talent pipeline for the high-tech and gaming industries, highlighting the educational benefits and career opportunities within the esports ecosystem​​.

The state’s commitment to esports extends beyond educational institutions. For example, the Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau has successfully hosted major esports events, drawing thousands of attendees and generating significant economic impact. 

The Role of Educational Institutions

Educational institutions across North Carolina have significantly contributed to the esports landscape by hosting tournaments and innovative educational programs and partnerships. For instance, the North Carolina Esports Academy, located in the Triangle area, is dedicated to providing a fun and educational experience for gamers. The center focuses on blending gaming with educational opportunities, aiming to foster personal and community growth within esports.

Furthermore, universities such as UNC Greensboro are not only hosting LAN-style tournaments but are also involved in creating educational content. UNCG professors have collaborated with SparkNC to develop on-demand learning units for high school students, focusing on high-tech career fields, which indirectly support the esports ecosystem by fostering a tech-savvy generation.

The Carolina Gaming Arena, with its state-of-the-art facilities, is another testament to the commitment of educational institutions to elevate esports. Through partnerships, such as with Lenovo, these institutions provide top-notch equipment and facilities to support both competitive gaming and educational endeavors in STEM fields related to gaming and esports.

The Carolina Games Summit and Other Major Events

The Carolina Games Summit shows North Carolina’s growing esports scene, offering a comprehensive platform for amateur esports enthusiasts to engage in high-quality tournaments. This event, alongside the growing interest in North Carolina sports betting, highlights the state’s dynamic approach to embracing the multifaceted world of digital and traditional sports.

The Summit hosts various events throughout the year, ensuring continuous engagement with the esports community. These tournaments span across a wide range of games, catering to diverse interests within the gaming community. The inclusion of professional esports tournaments at events like the Playthrough Gaming Convention in Raleigh further amplifies its significance, drawing gamers from across the state to compete and celebrate gaming culture.

The 2023 Carolina Games Summit, for instance, attracted significant attention, drawing large crowds and highlighting the vibrant gaming culture in North Carolina. This event underscores the state’s commitment to fostering a supportive environment for gamers, from casual enthusiasts to aspiring professionals.

Moreover, the Carolina Esports Hub plays a pivotal role in centralizing esports activities in the Carolinas. This hub serves as a focal point for esports events and as a community center where gamers and fans can come together. The Charlotte Phoenix, one of the top esports teams in North Carolina, exemplifies the kind of professional esports entities that engage with local fans through special events at the Carolina Esports Hub venue, further enriching the state’s esports ecosystem.

Esports Tournaments and Their Impact

Esports tournaments in North Carolina have significantly impacted the state, transcending the realm of mere entertainment to influence economic growth, talent development, and educational opportunities. The state’s proactive approach, exemplified by the North Carolina Esports Industry Grant Program, which offers financial rebates of up to 25% of qualified expenses, underscores the government’s recognition of esports as a vital component of its economic and cultural landscape.

The economic impact of these tournaments is substantial. For instance, a single esports tournament in Raleigh was expected to generate an estimated economic impact of around $1.6 million. This figure is a testament to the potential of esports to drive local economies, attract tourism, and create new business opportunities. 

Furthermore, events like the LCS Spring Finals have significantly contributed to the local economy, with over $2.7 million in direct economic impact generated in Raleigh. Such figures highlight the growing importance of esports as a major economic driver in the state.

The Future of Esports in North Carolina

North Carolina is poised to continue its leadership in the esports arena. The state’s educational institutions, combined with the support of local government and private organizations, create a strong foundation for the growth of esports. As the industry evolves, North Carolina is expected to remain at the forefront, hosting major national championships and fostering a community where esports is recognized as a legitimate and valuable competitive activity.


North Carolina’s leadership in esports competitions is a testament to the state’s innovative approach to embracing new forms of entertainment and competition. Through a combination of educational support, community engagement, and high-quality events, North Carolina has established itself as a key player in the national esports landscape.

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