200+ Beautiful Middle Names For Olivia In 2023

Olivia is an elegant name with timeless appeal that exudes grace, elegance, and timeless charm. If you are expecting a little bundle of joy or considering changing their name altogether, choosing an appropriate middle name for Olivia may prove both thrilling and puzzling!

With more than 200 incredible and inspiring middle name ideas to help spark your imagination and provide guidance in creating the ideal combination, this blog post stands ready to satiate both needs. 

From classic choices steeped in tradition to trendy contemporary options, our diverse collection will fill your heart with inspiration at every turn of the page. Come explore this magical realm of middle names together, where we’ll help find Olivia the ideal name to complete her signature appeal!

What does Olivia mean?

Olivia is an exquisite name with its roots in Latin and the poetic meaning “olive tree.” Olive trees represent peace and abundance across cultures. So, when thinking of Olivia, you might picture an olive branch reaching out toward tranquillity and prosperity.

Shakespeare added his trademark literary flourish to Olivia by including her in his tale, “Twelfth Night.” This added even further literary allure and made Olivia even more captivating than before!

But Olivia goes beyond history and stories. In recent years, it has emerged as a popular name choice amongst many parents in several countries, perhaps because its classic elegance yet contemporary charm appeals to modern parents. When you meet an Olivia, you might just discover an evergreen name rooted deep within history yet flourishing in the present.

How To Choose A Middle Name for Olivia

Picking out an appropriate middle name should be taken with seriousness, with multiple aspects being crucial in choosing one that will best reflect who she is as an individual.

1. Consider names with personal or familial significance.

2. Culture or heritage roots can provide another avenue to search.

3. Opt for a middle name that balances Olivia’s three syllables, either with a single-syllable or multi-syllable name for rhythm and flow. 

4. It is important to pay attention to phonetics; your middle and last names shouldn’t conflict or sound too similar.

5. Strive for a balance between uniqueness and simplicity when choosing names; trendy or overly unconventional names may obscure Olivia’s natural elegance.

Don’t rush the process; take your time finding an Olivia-worthy name that both you and she will adore.

Good Middle Names for Olivia

Olivia middle names

I often get asked, what are good middle names for Olivia? Picking out a perfect middle name for Olivia can be both a delightful and meaningful journey. Each name you give Olivia forms part of their unique persona and paints a memorable picture of who she is as an individual.

Consider timeless classics like Grace to add poise or Celeste for celestial beauty, or celebrate family heritage by selecting something with sentimental value, wrapping Olivia in a warm embrace of tradition. Here are some options:

  1. Olivia Seraphine – Means Burning Ones
  2. Olivia Celestia – Heavenly or of the sky
  3. Olivia Rosalind – Gentle or soft. It suggests a gentle or kind disposition
  4. Olivia Genevieve – white wave or fair and soft
  5. Olivia Isolde – Ice Ruler
  6. Olivia Lorraine – Famous Army
  7. Olivia Clementine – Mild, Merciful
  8. Olivia Vivienne – Vivacity and vitality
  9. Olivia Anastasia – Resurrection and renewal
  10. Olivia Magnolia – Beauty, dignity, and nobility
  11. Winifred – Peaceful and blessed
  12. Evangeline – Bearer of good news
  13. Penelope – Creativity and craftsmanship
  14. Gwendolyn – Fairness and blessed ring
  15. Thessaly – Associated with a geographical region
  16. Eleonora – Illumination and Merciful
  17. Marigold – Beauty, love, and devotion
  18. Seraphina – Purity and holiness
  19. Cordelia – Connection to the ocean or water
  20. Allegra – Joyful and lively

Elegant Middle Names for Olivia

  1. Olivia Violet
  2. Olivia Estelle – Star
  3. Olivia Scarlett – Red
  4. Olivia Tabitha – Gazelle
  5. Olivia Everly – Wild Boar Meadow
  6. Olivia Faith – Trust or Belief
  7. Olivia Fiona – Fair or White
  8. Olivia Zoe – Life
  9. Olivia Francesca – Free or From France
  10. Olivia Mary – Bitter
  11. Olivia Gabriella – God is my Strength
  12. Olivia Nova – New
  13. Olivia Paige – Young Helper
  14. Olivia Giovanna – God is Gracious
  15. Olivia Victoria – Victory
  16. Olivia Heidi – Noble, Kind
  17. Olivia Gwen – White, Fair
  18. Olivia Paloma – Dove
  19. Olivia Isla – Island
  20. Olivia Jewel – Precious Stone
  21. Olivia Prudence – Wisdom, Caution
  22. Olivia Rae – Doe, Gazelle
  23. Olivia Juliet – Youthful
  24. Olivia Kristen – Follower of Christ
  25. Olivia Phoenix – Mythical Bird of Fire
  26. Olivia Lucy – Light
  27. Olivia Madeleine – Woman from Magdala
  28. Olivia Lilian – Lily
  29. Olivia Marie – Bitter
  30. Olivia Quinn – Descendant of Conn
  31. Olivia Rachel – Ewe
  32. Olivia Rebecca – To Bind or Snare
  33. Olivia Rosa – Rose
  34. Olivia Sienna
  35. Olivia Gabrielle
  36. Olivia Arabella
  37. Olivia Adelaide 
  38. Olivia Clover
  39. Olivia Hope
  40. Olivia Lottie
  41. Olivia Lysandra
  42. Olivia Yvette
  43. Olivia Catarina
  44. Olivia Juliana
  45. Olivia Veronique
  46. Sophia
  47. Olivia Aveline
  48. Olivia Elowen
  49. Olivia Calista
  50. Olivia Elysia
  51. Olivia Erin

Short Middle Names for Olivia

  1. Olivia Mia
  2. Olivia Rue
  3. Olivia Grace
  4. Olivia Jade
  5. Olivia Faye
  6. Olivia Bryn
  7. Olivia Pearl
  8. Olivia Joy
  9. Olivia Brooke
  10. Olivia Skye
  11. Olivia June
  12. Olivia Rae
  13. Olivia Quinn
  14. Olivia Sloane
  15. Olivia Wren
  16. Olivia Greer
  17. Olivia Eve
  18. Olivia Valli
  19. Olivia Lexi
  20. Olivia Sage
  21. Olivia Hope
  22. Olivia Peri
  23. Olivia Ivy
  24. Olivia Brie
  25. Olivia Rey
  26. Olivia Zoey
  27. Olivia Ada
  28. Olivia Jo

Middle Names for Olivia in Spanish

  1. Olivia Isabella
  2. Olivia Valentina
  3. Olivia Marisol
  4. Olivia Esperanza
  5. Olivia Beatriz
  6. Olivia Luciana
  7. Olivia Carmela
  8. Olivia Paloma
  9. Olivia Catalina
  10. Olivia Estrella
  11. Olivia Solana
  12. Olivia Araceli
  13. Olivia Alondra
  14. Olivia Esmeralda
  15. Olivia Isidora
  16. Olivia Amada
  17. Olivia Dolores
  18. Olivia Elodia
  19. Olivia Trinidad
  20. Olivia Salomé

Cute Middle Names for Olivia

middle names for Olivia

Naming your newborn is an exciting journey; selecting Olivia as an option for a baby girl’s name often reigns supreme, but why not add some charm with a cute middle name that enhances the name further? With thousands of options out there, it could make Olivia even more charming or give it more character; use your heart as you navigate towards finding that special middle name that makes Olivia truly irresistible and unforgettable for generations of baby girls to come!

  1. Olivia Willow
  2. Olivia Daisy
  3. Olivia Lulu
  4. Olivia Tessa
  5. Olivia Poppy
  6. Olivia Ruby
  7. Olivia Bella
  8. Olivia Luna
  9. Olivia Coco
  10. Olivia Winnie
  11. Olivia Rosie
  12. Olivia Mimi
  13. Olivia Gigi
  14. Olivia Zoe
  15. Olivia Mia
  16. Olivia Millie
  17. Olivia Kitty
  18. Olivia Suki
  19. Olivia Dottie
  20. Olivia Nellie
  21. Olivia Emery
  22. Olivia Shelley
  23. Olivia Hemsley
  24. Olivia Addison
  25. Olivia Lane
  26. Olivia Kate
  27. Olivia Quinn
  28. Olivia Rylee
  29. Olivia Kylie
  30. Olivia Piper
  31. Olivia Macie
  32. Olivia Mazie
  33. Olivia Jules
  34. Olivia Noe
  35. Olivia Zoey
  36. Olivia Lacey
  37. Olivia Roux

Middle Names for Olivia with “Ana” at the End

  1. Olivia Juliana
  2. Olivia Adriana
  3. Olivia Susana
  4. Olivia Mariana
  5. Olivia Tatiana
  6. Olivia Ariana
  7. Olivia Eliana
  8. Olivia Liliana
  9. Olivia Diana
  10. Olivia Joanna
  11. Olivia Briana
  12. Olivia Viviana
  13. Olivia Emiliana
  14. Olivia Lilliana
  15. Olivia Giovanna
  16. Olivia Svetlana
  17. Olivia Yuliana
  18. Olivia Roxana
  19. Olivia Ivana
  20. Olivia Sultana

One-Syllable Middle Names for Olivia

  1. Olivia Rose
  2. Olivia Jane
  3. Olivia Claire
  4. Olivia Kate
  5. Olivia Quinn
  6. Olivia Pearl
  7. Olivia Roxy
  8. Olivia Noa
  9. Olivia Blake
  10. Olivia Wren
  11. Olivia Sloane
  12. Olivia Skye
  13. Olivia Faye
  14. Olivia Jade
  15. Olivia Mae
  16. Olivia Faith
  17. Olivia Hope
  18. Olivia Shea
  19. Olivia Elle
  20. Olivia June

Middle Names for Olivia and Amelia

  1. Olivia Leighton and Amelia Belle
  2. Olivia Rosalind and Amelia Daphne
  3. Olivia Inez and Amelia Arden
  4. Olivia Ember and Amelia Harley
  5. Olivia Leilyn and Amelia Harper
  6. Olivia Dixie and Amelia Rosamund
  7. Olivia Ryan and Amelia Jolene
  8. Olivia Emma and Amelia Eliza
  9. Olivia Bree and Amelia Cora
  10. Olivia Logan and Amelia Hart
  11. Olivia Rory and Amelia Brooke
  12. Olivia Poppy and Amelia Alice
  13. Olivia Jade and Amelia Bronwyn
  14. Olivia Linnea and Amelia Hale
  15. Olivia Erica and Amelia Reese
  16. Olivia Winifred and Amelia Rylan
  17. Olivia Jettie and Amelia Shiloh
  18. Olivia Camila and Amelia Taylor
  19. Olivia Edith and Amelia Agnes
  20. Olivia Beatrice and Amelia Florence

Badass Middle Names For Olivia

If you want a badass middle name to pair with the classic and timeless name Olivia, there are plenty of options to choose from. These names evoke strength, power, and individuality, adding an unforgettable twist to Olivia as a middle name choice. Perfect for unleashing one’s wild side. These memorable middle name options for Olivia will leave an indelible imprint upon anyone who hears or reads them!

  1. Olivia Phoenix
  2.  Olivia Raven 
  3. Olivia Harley
  4. Olivia Blaze
  5. Olivia Sable.

Popular People Named Olivia

  1. Olivia Newton-John – Renowned Australian singer and actress.
  2. Olivia Wilde – American actress, director, and producer.
  3. Olivia Munn – American actress and model.
  4. Olivia Culpo – American beauty queen and model, and Miss Universe 2012.
  5. Olivia Palermo – American socialite, fashion influencer, and entrepreneur.
  6. Olivia Holt – American actress and singer.
  7. Olivia de Havilland – The late British-American actress.
  8. Olivia Rodrigo – American singer and actress known for her debut album “SOUR.”
  9. Olivia Hussey – British actress
  10. Olivia Thirlby – American actress.
  11. Olivia Williams – British actress.
  12. Olivia Colman – British actress.
  13. Olivia Palermo – American socialite and fashion influencer.
  14. Olivia d’Abo – English actress and singer.
  15. Olivia Thirlby – American actress known for her roles in “Juno” and “Dredd.”
  16. Olivia Jordan – American actress, model, and Miss USA 2015.
  17. Olivia Jade Giannulli – American social media influencer and YouTuber.
  18. Olivia Cooke – English actress.
  19. Olivia Buckland – English reality TV star.

Nicknames For Olivia

Olivia is an irresistibly cute name, and its popularity as an iconic moniker has given rise to many endearing nicknames that capture its appeal and grace. From Livvy (evoking familiarity and warmth) and Livster, conjuring childhood adventures, to Liviana evoking starlit evenings and whispered secrets while Livita adds rhythmic cadence. The nicknames for Olivia are a testament to the name’s enduring beauty and versatility.

  1. Liv
  2. Ollie
  3. Livie
  4. Via
  5. Livi
  6. Olive
  7. Vivi
  8. Livvy
  9. Oli
  10. Lala
  11. Livs
  12. Lala
  13. Ivy
  14. Ola
  15. Vee


Finding an Olivia middle name that resonates is an emotional experience, with over 200 options at your fingertips, and making the perfect choice can be daunting. Each choice represents your child’s future. Embrace this adventure of endless potential names by following your heart, let it guide your decisions – create something beautiful as an expression of who your baby will become in life! Please share this article if you find it helpful.