Is The Internet the Largest Computer Network?

Computers impact our lives immensely. This is why philosophical discussions also include the usage of computers these days. In the same way that people debate the most important entity in the world, people also like to discuss the largest computer network on Planet Earth. In the course of this essay, we will be arguing that the internet is indeed the largest computer network that exists.

To prove our point, we are going to initially describe the term network and then qualify the internet as one. Once we are done with that, we will be discussing why we believe there is no bigger computer network than the Internet.

The Internet is a Network

Whenever we are trying to decipher whether a specific entity is the largest of a lot or not, we need to first figure out what we mean by the entity and the lot. For this article, the lot is all computer networks that currently exist. A connection between computers that enables the receiving and sending of information is called a computer network. A computer is definitely not only a laptop or a desktop but also any device that can run a program.

Once we have done the job of defining the lot, let us move forward to defining what we mean by the entity. In this case, the entity is the Internet. By the internet, we mean not only the web pages on the World Wide Web but also all online applications that we use on our phones and personal computers. Alongside, all communications platforms of large organizations are based on the Internet. People are supplied with the internet when they subscribe to internet offers such as with Xfinity internet plans, one of the best internet providers out there.

From the above, we were informed that the internet connects computers. We also learned that anything that connects computers is called a computer network. Therefore, we are able to conclude that the Internet is indeed a computer network. That said, let us move to figure out why the Internet is the largest of all networks.

The Internet as the Largest Network

The internet can be termed the largest computer network because of its:

Geographical Presence

The geographical presence of the internet is known to be the most widespread out of all networks. It is the only network that is available on all seven continents of Planet Earth. Yes, that is right; researchers in Antarctica are also connected to the global network using satellites. Taking about satellites, the internet is also available on the International Space Station.

In fact, if you consider the metaverse, you can also say that the internet transcends universes let alone continents!

It is safe to say that no other network comes near to the internet when it comes to widespreadness.


The internet is the largest computer network not only in the number of areas it links but also in terms of the number of people it connects. As of today, the number of internet users around the globe has crossed 5 billion. You may be thinking that we are giving you an overestimated number. However, we are bringing this data to you from a credible source – Internet World Stats. Internet World Stats is a reputed data organization, especially when it comes to the field of, as the name suggests, the Internet.


We do not believe that there is any challenger to the top spot that the internet holds. This is clear from the fact that the internet is the network that covers the most area, serves the most people, and has been connected to the most number of devices. If we were to guess which network holds the number two spot, our best guess would be an intranet of a large organization such as the United States Department of Defense or Microsoft. Nonetheless, these intranets are still based on the internet. Thus, we can safely say that the Internet will remain the largest network for, at the very least, years to come walkthroughsteps.

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