Applying for Different Dubai Visa Types Online

When applying for Dubai Visa types or dubai visa online, it’s essential that accurate information and documents are submitted. This includes providing a scanned copy of your passport as well as valid travel itinerary and flight ticket.

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Tourist Dubai visa online are ideal for visitors wanting to explore Dubai on holiday and sightseeing trips, and are typically valid for 30 or 90 days depending on your itinerary – non extendable but giving long stay travelers the ability to remain for up to a half year at a time – perfect for long holidays!

As the requirements for tourist visas may differ depending on your country of origin, it is crucial that you research what is needed in your situation prior to applying. You will typically require a passport valid for at least six months from your entry into Dubai; additionally you will require copies of flight tickets, scans of both pages of your passport (first and last pages), two passport-sized photos and enough time for processing your application process – please allow enough time before beginning this step of your journey!

There are various reasons that could cause the rejection of a Dubai visa, including having a criminal history, applying without having a flight ticket booked, or providing insufficient documentation. If your application for a visa was declined, it’s essential that you understand why so you can address any potential issues and reapply successfully later. Using an experienced visa agency as your consultant during this process will make everything simpler so you can focus on planning your journey without hassle or delays.


The UAE is an epicenter for global business and trade. Numerous visas help international businesses establish themselves in Dubai, including sponsored and self-sponsored residence visas. Before applying, applicants should ensure that they fulfill all required criteria such as pre-arrangements for passports with minimum validity periods or pre-arrangement for pre-arranged passports; those looking for sponsored visas should first find a local sponsor – be it an employer, company, family member etc – who will act as responsible parties during their work in Dubai.

Entrepreneurs, investors and executives can take advantage of Dubai’s favorable tax and economic climate by obtaining a business visa for Dubai. These visas typically last 1-3 years with multiple entry privileges. Residents also enjoy numerous advantages that come with being residents in Dubai such as exemption from income and corporate taxes; access to free trade zones; Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements with over 100 countries and more.

If you plan to visit Dubai frequently for business purposes, consider applying for a 90-day multiple entry visa for Dubai. This visa gives you the flexibility of making multiple visits without needing another entry permit – perfect for travelers without specific business activity in mind.


If you plan to make a stopover in Dubai on your travels to a different destination, obtaining a transit visa is required. You can do this by contacting the airline that will transport you there and requesting one; in many instances they will arrange this themselves; otherwise visit their official website and fill out an online form to submit all relevant documentation; once submitted you will receive a reference number allowing you to track its status through its portal.

The 48-hour Dubai transit visa is a short-term permit that allows visitors to explore the city for a specified amount of time, while 96-hour transit visa allows longer stays in the country. Please keep in mind that UAE immigration rules take serious consideration into consideration, and any violation may incur costly fines and even be denied future entry to its shores.

Before traveling to the UAE, depending on your nationality you will require a transit visa application. Citizens from certain countries cannot enter without one, including Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Niger. You will require both valid documentation as well as proof of onward travel before you enter.

90-Day Job Seeker

Are You Searching for Employment in Dubai or Another UAE Emirates? Apply For A 90-Day Job Seeker Visa To make the application process smooth, professionals seeking employment in Dubai or another UAE Emirates may qualify for a single-entry 90-Day Job Seeker Visa which entitles them to search and live within Dubai simultaneously while applying for jobs. In order to qualify, one must possess either a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience and be capable of supporting themselves while living there. To be considered eligible, they must hold at least an equivalent single entry visa once within Dubai itself.

If possible, plan your visit between October and February if you want to avoid the intense summer heat. If necessary, bring along plenty of sunscreen and a hat.

To obtain a visa for Dubai, it is necessary to submit both your passport and supporting documentation. Processing times depend on which visa type is needed – 30-day visa-on-arrival processing typically happens instantaneously when arriving in the country; while family or long-term visit visa processing times can take up to two weeks. Furthermore, costs depend on both your nationality and type of visit visa you require – consult an established travel agency or immigration website for an accurate cost estimation.

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