Things To Keep In Mind Regarding Northern Lights Tour Yellowknife

Seeing the northern lights is on many people’s bucket lists. And for good reason – the ethereal beauty of the aurora borealis dancing across the night sky is a jaw-dropping spectacle. Yellowknife in Canada’s Northwest Territories is one of the world’s best destinations for northern lights chasing. Here are 5 key things to know when planning your Northern Lights Tour Yellowknife.

  • Time Your Trip Right 

Timing is everything when it comes to seeing the northern lights. Solar activity which triggers the aurora peaks every 11 years, with the next peak expected in 2025. But even during solar minimums, Yellowknife enjoys over 240 aurora-viewing nights a year thanks to its ideal latitude. Mid-September through mid-April offers the longest and darkest nights. Brave the cold temperatures of winter to boost your chances of a dazzling display.  

  • Head Away from City Lights

Head Away from City Lights Yellowknife is a relatively small city, so getting away from light pollution is straightforward. Reputable tour operators will transport you just 15-20 minutes outside of the city limits to special aurora viewing sites. These dedicated viewing lodges are situated to provide wide open vistas of the northern sky with no intrusive ambient light. You’ll be greeted at these remote lodges with warm fires, hot beverages, and sometimes even home-cooked meals to fuel your night of sky watching in comfort.

  • Dress Warmly  

Don’t underestimate how cold -20° Celsius weather can feel, especially if you’ll be outside at night viewing for hours. The key is thermal base layers – opt for wool or synthetic materials like polyester and nylon closest to your skin for insulation and moisture wicking. Silk base layers also provide excellent temperature regulation. Top your thermals with thick insulating mid-layers like fleeces and down jackets, plus an outer wind-and waterproof layer. Remember your extremities too with insulated winter boots rated for very cold climates, wool socks, warm gloves and mittens, and a winter hat and balaclava to cover exposed areas. 

  • Have Flexible Expectations

The northern lights are natural and unpredictable. Viewing depends on factors like cloud cover, geomagnetic activity and moon phases. While tour operators choose optimal viewing timing and locations, seeing the northern lights is never guaranteed. Be prepared for the possibility of no or faint auroral activity – but when you do see them, it will be magical!

  • Book With Experts

To maximize your chances of northern lights success, choose tour operators who are experts in aurora viewing with years of experience. They monitor forecasts daily, use top viewing locations away from light pollution, time tours for peak viewing hours when activity is highest, and tirelessly share tips to help you capture gorgeous photos. Their passion for the northern lights is contagious!


Northern lights tour in Yellowknife offers the chance to tick off a dream travel experience. As a top global destination for auroral displays, few places on Earth promise better odds of beholding the celestial wonder of the northern lights. Heed these 5 tips when booking your Northern Lights Canada Tours and get ready for a possible life-changing experience under the magical northern sky lights. Just don’t forget your camera!

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