Men’s Guide On Super Short Definitive Buzz Cut Hairstyles For Maximum Masculinity

Buzz cuts are back and bold for 2024. These very short men’s hairstyles make a seriously stylish statement, allowing guys to showcase their best features like eyes, smile, facial hair, and more. From the classic burr to modern skin fades and cropped cuts with unique lines, buzzed hairstyles are edgy and easy to maintain.

Check out some of the most popular buzz cut styles for men this year.

The Burr Buzz

The burr buzz cut features hair clipped super short all over using 1-3 clipper guard lengths. This leaves 1-5mm of uniform stubble across the head for an edgy, pulled-together look with almost no maintenance required.

It’s a smart choice for guys with round or square face shapes. Ask your barber for a burr using clipper guards 1-3 all over if you want an iconic masculine buzzed style that’s slightly more conservative.

The Butch Cut

Butch cuts take burrs even shorter using a 0-clipper guard or open/closed blades to buzz hair down to the scalp almost completely. This leaves only about 0.5mm of straight-cropped hair remaining, revealing the shape of heads.

It has an edgier look. Butch cuts flatter diamond, oval, and triangular face shapes with pronounced jawlines. Tell your barber you want a butch cut with a 0 clipper to embrace the bold buzz.

The Induction Cut

Induction cuts utilize special clippers to precisely cut hair to just 0.5mm, leaving a perfectly uniform buzzed finish. The results look clean, conservative, and smart.

Inductions work well on straight and thinning hair types. Guys with round or heart-shaped faces can rock this medical yet masculine look. Ask your barber for an induction cut to remove bulk while maintaining polish.

The Crew Cut

The classic crew cut features hair buzzed very short on top using 1-2 clipper guards, tapered down to the skin with a gradual fade around the sides and back.

This style combines the masculinity of ultra-short hair up top with modern fading. It suits oval, square, and diamond face shapes. Get that all-American look by asking your barber for a crew-cut fade.

The Bristle Brush

For natural texture, go for the bristle brush buzz cut. It keeps hair cropped to around 0.5 inches long all over to reveal waves and curls, brushed upward and outward.

The longer, messier length flatters oval and heart-shaped faces. Tell your stylist you want a bristle brush cut to let your hair’s natural texture take center stage.

The Buzzed Crop

Cropped cuts buzzed to 1-2 clipper guard lengths can be clipped with straight lines across foreheads for conservative neatness or point cut for added texture and edge. They remove bulk while maintaining enough length for movement.

These medium-buzzed crops tend to suit wavy and curly hair types best, as well as oval and diamond face shapes.

The Buzzed Quiff

For added height, try a buzzed quiff. It combines a short buzz haircut with longer pieces in front styled upward. According to MensHaircuts, this gives the effect of a faux mohawk minus the shaved sides.

Buzzed Quiffs’ best suit guys have diamond, triangular, and oval faces. Tell your barber you want a buzzed quiff with texture on top to pump up your cropped cut.

The Buzzed Pompadour

Another way to incorporate subtle height into a buzz haircut is going for a buzzed pompadour. Again, a longer section remains on top, swept upward and backward from the face for a subtle pomp shape.

This style tends to suit triangular and diamond face shapes best. Ask your barber for a buzzed pompadour to add a modern edge to your short haircut.

The Buzzed Mohawk

Edgy buzzed Mohawks remove bulk from sides and back, buzzing hair down to the scalp while leaving a slightly longer strip of spiky hair down the middle of heads from forehead to nape.

Lines can be carved at temples for extra contrast and direction. Buzzed mohawks tend to flatter longer face shapes best. Tell your barber you want a buzzed mohawk with defined lines to embrace your bold side.

The Buzzed Comb Over

The buzzed comb over combines buzzed back and sides with longer hair swept over for subtle accuracy. This style only suits oval and rectangular face shapes.

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