How to Monetize a YouTube Channel: Options and Anti-Crisis Opportunities

Don’t rush to put off creating your channel or stop developing an existing one. Despite the limitations, there are ways to use the monetization program of the hosting itself. In this article we will tell you what methods there are in general to monetize your YouTube channel, and what authors who live in the Russian Federation should do.

YouTube monetization has recently been disabled in Russia, but there are many ways to make money from your videos. Read to the end and you will learn about them, as well as about alternative platforms where you can also get money for someone watching your videos.

The Essence and Conditions of Monetization of a YouTube Channel

It’s no secret that popular bloggers on their YouTube channels not only present interesting content, but also earn a good income from it. There are several ways to make money from videos.

How to monetize a YouTube channel? The service for generating income is already built into YouTube. This is the only official method of monetizing a channel run by a video blogger. The opportunity to make a profit is realized by displaying advertising that is embedded in the video. To begin with, the author must fulfill all the necessary conditions to connect to the affiliate program on Google AdSense. Only after this he gets the opportunity to monetize the YouTube channel.

Here you need to know that passive income will depend not on how many people watched the video, but on the number of views and advertising built into it.

A YouTube channel monetization tool allows you to embed advertising materials into your video clips. At the same time, payment depends on ad impressions. Thus, the blogger on whose channel advertising videos will be shown must consider products similar to those advertised in his content, or set up automatic broadcasting of advertising at a certain frequency.

From a revenue perspective, it is important that the impression fulfills the advertiser’s goals. For example, the viewer must follow a link. Each advertiser may have its own conditions. In some cases, to receive payment for an advertising display, the appearance of the promoted product in a video clip is sufficient. Or it may be that the condition is to watch for a specific time without skipping advertising.

Monetization Criteria 

There are several criteria that affect the monetization of a YouTube channel, each of which determines the amount of income:

Location. The geoposition of the target audience viewing the content of the YouTube channel plays a huge role. Monetization will be higher if there are viewers from countries such as Germany, America, Norway, Canada and the UK.

Subject. The main theme of the video clips and the focus of the YouTube channel as a whole play a decisive role. These factors determine the interest of advertisers. Customers will pay for coverage of their products for those consumers who are among potential customers and will be able to purchase the promoted product in the future. On a blog about auto parts, the payment for displaying an advertisement for baby cream will be low, just like for demonstrating windshield wipers on a confectioner’s channel. But this does not mean that such advertising materials will not appear here at all.

Channel visitors. A video blogger can use special programs to gain access to statistical data of his target audience. This will allow you to find out what the age range of its viewers is. If most of them have not yet reached 18 years of age, then the payment for advertising will be lower, since the children’s budget is very limited, and they will not be able to purchase the promoted product.

Duration of the videos. The most profitable in terms of monetization will be advertising impressions embedded in long videos. A long video can accommodate several ad impressions, but a short video can contain only one. In the latter case, the payment will be several times lower.

Video quality also greatly influences monetization. Viewers will not watch low-quality material. Therefore, the advertiser is not interested in paying for advertising embedded in such videos. We recommend using professional equipment to create video materials. Perhaps it makes sense to involve specialists in filming and processing video.

Types of Monetization of a YouTube Channel

Basic options on how to monetize a YouTube channel.

Income from commercials

You can place in your advertisement:

Information announcements in the form of pictures in 300×250 format, which are located at the top of the monitor, on the right side.

Overlays are notifications that appear at the bottom of the monitor. There are two options for setting up such advertising: disappearing the notification after a certain period of time, or allowing the user to close the view.

Video advertising is advertising videos. Here you can set the option to skip the show or require viewing. In the first case, the advertisement lasts five seconds, and the user can skip it if he is not interested in it. In the second option, the commercial can last up to three minutes, and the viewer will have to watch it in its entirety.

Displaying Ads to Premium Subscribers

If the channel is watched by those subscribers with Premium status, then there will be no advertising for them. YouTube will pay bloggers a specific amount for viewing advertising materials by such users. While premium subscribers enjoy ad-free browsing, online casinos like those featured on capitalize on displaying targeted ads to reach potential players. And this is working pretty well for them. That’s an option to consider. 

Stickers and Super Chats

Bloggers can offer their subscribers communication using super chat during live broadcasts or premieres. Each user can send colored paid messages and funny stickers. This way, subscribers will be able to draw attention to their account and show support to the channel author, who, in turn, will make a profit.


Another option for monetizing a YouTube channel involves promoting souvenir products. Various tools can be used for this, including the Merch Showcase. Such options help the channel author sell his merchandise to his fans.


Subscribers can become a channel sponsor and receive exclusive bonuses by paying a monthly fee. The author can decide independently how many levels the sponsor will have, what benefits to offer him and how much it will cost. For example, special badges, stickers, emoticons, or rare content can serve as “goodies” from a blogger.

YouTube BrandConnect

There is another option to earn passive income on YouTube and involves cooperation with companies that carry out various promotions with branded content. This service analyzes channel subscribers and, based on this information, selects brands. Then the author is offered several brands to choose from and he decides with whom he will cooperate.

YouTube Shorts Foundation

Last year and this year, YouTube allocated a large amount of money, about one hundred million dollars, to bloggers who will film vines. This is a completely new program to encourage and support channel authors. It is not necessary to register as an affiliate to receive a cash reward.

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