Choosing The Right Surgeon For Your Labiaplasty Treatment

A labiaplasty treatment consists of removing the excess skin of your labia minora, which corresponds to the inner labia tissue. A woman might consider undergoing a labiaplasty for many reasons, primarily medical or aesthetic. Like any other surgical procedure, choosing your labiaplasty treatment surgeon is crucial for your operation’s success and recovery. 

Why do women undergo a labiaplasty treatment? 

Many women have an average-sized labia minora but still have reasons to remove any excess. The labia skin can get excessive after childbirth or because of their labia majora (out labia tissue)skin that can be inadequate. Women could also want this surgical intervention for aesthetic reasons, skin irritation, infections, or related hygiene problems. 

A large labia can bring much discomfort in your daily life, and more women become aware of it. Being aware of it leads more women to resort to labiaplasty. 

It is a simple surgeon procedure, under general anaesthetic, which would take about one hour. The recovery can take a few weeks, but patients usually return home on the same day of the intervention. Most patients experience pain the first few days and are ready to work a week after. 

Women undergo labiaplasty because it will bring them comfort in their daily lives, and the operation recovery is relatively easy. 

To have the best labiaplasty experience, the choice of your surgeon is crucial. Here are a few tips to consider to make the right choice for you. 

Board Certification 

Your surgeon must be board-certified in plastic surgery or gynecology. This certification will ensure that the person in charge of you has the specific knowledge and follows the standards. It implies your safety, the operation’s success and proper hygiene. You should never accept a surgical operation from a person who doesn’t have specific training. 

Experience and expertise 

A surgeon with experience in labiaplasty procedures will be more trustable. You must ask your surgeon about his previous operations and show you his results and patient reviews. Their success rates must be high; this shows you that they are a skilled and capable surgeon. It would help if your surgeon could give you access to images of his work before and after the operation. 


It would be best if you do some research yourself on your surgeon. You can easily find reviews online by checking their website, social media and independent review sites and contacting previous patients of your doctor. Recommendations from friends, family, or your family doctor are always welcome. You can check if your surgeon is not involved in any legal disputes or malpractice claims.


Schedule a consultation with your surgeon to get a first impression. That will be a perfect time to ask questions and discuss your concerns and expectations. Meeting them face to face is the best way to check if you feel comfortable with them and assess their communication skills and professionalism. A person who is too pushy will likely be less trustworthy. 

Facility accreditation

Your labiaplasty treatment can’t be done anywhere! Your surgeon must have an accredited place that ensures specific safety and quality standard requirements. That is a point you can check during your first consultation. 

Follow-up care 

The surgeon’s post-operative care and follow-up procedures are a must to ensure a smooth recovery and a quality surgery. Indeed, the recovery must be watched by a medical professional as it is when infection or complications can happen. Ask for post-operative care instructions and follow-up appointments. 


A labiaplasty treatment is a surgical act, and as with all surgical procedures, it requires a skilled and responsible surgeon. Remember to check your surgeon’s hygiene, safety and certification requirements and make sure you feel comfortable with them.