Everything You Need To Know About Home Help Service

Do you want to know what the home help service consists of, what it provides, and how it is organized? Here we tell you.

The home help service is a service carried out preferably at home, which provides, through qualified and supervised personnel, a set of preventive, educational, rehabilitative, and care actions for people and coexistence units with difficulties in staying or functioning in their usual environment.

The service includes personal attention in carrying out the basic activities of daily living and covering domestic needs. If you are looking for the best home assistance for your well-being then contact Holistic Palliative Care professionals.

Actions related to domestic needs may only be provided in conjunction with personal care. Exceptionally and in a justified manner, they may be provided separately when so provided, motivated, in the individual care program.

Actions Offered By The Service

  • Attention to domestic or home needs.
  • Related to food.
  • Food preparation at home.
  • Food delivery service.
  • Purchase of food at the expense of the user.
  • Related to dress.
  • Laundry of clothes at home and outside.
  • Review and organization of clothes.
  • Ironing clothes at home and outside.
  • Purchase of clothing at the expense of the user.
  • Related to home maintenance.

Daily and general cleaning of the home, except in specific cases of need in which said task will be determined by the technical staff responsible for the service.

Small domestic tasks that the person would perform by themselves under normal conditions and that are not the object of other professions.

  • Personal actions.
  • Related to personal hygiene.
  • Planning and education of hygiene habits.
  • Personal grooming and hygiene.
  • Help with dressing.
  • Related to intake and eating habits.
  • Help or give food and drink.
  • Food control and education on eating habits.
  • Related to mobility.
  • Help getting up and going to bed.
  • Help to make postural changes.
  • Help for mobility within the home.
  • Related to special care.
  • Support in incontinence situations.
  • Temporal and spatial orientation.
  • Control of the administration of medical treatment in coordination with health teams.
  • Night assistance and accompaniment (sailing).
  • Helpful in family and social life.
  • Accompaniment inside and outside the home.
  • Support for domestic organization.
  • Leisure activities within the home.

Activities to encourage participation in your community and in leisure and free time activities. It helps the acquisition and development of skills, abilities, and personal and coexistence habits.

Service Intensity

The duration of the service will vary depending on the socio-family situation, the needs of the person in a situation of dependency to make it possible to remain at home, and the intensity of the service that corresponds to the person according to their degree of dependency and the services prescribed compatibles.

The intensity of the home help service will be justified in the individual care program and will be determined in the number of monthly hours, according to the degree of dependency:

  • Grade I: From 20 to 37 hours per month
  • Grade II: From 38 to 64 hours per month
  • Grade III: From 65 to 94 hours per month

When it is compatible with the day center service or with the financial benefit linked to it, its intensity will be a maximum of 22 hours of care per month, from Monday to Friday, to facilitate attendance at the center.

Profile Of Person For Whom It Is Intended

To request the Home Help Service, the person in a situation of dependency must live in a private home.

Compatibility Regime

The home help service will be compatible with the telecare service and the day center service, on a complimentary basis, and provided that the home help is provided to facilitate assistance to the center for people recognized with degrees II and III of dependence.

Criteria for participation in its financing

Participation in the financing of the service by the user is conditioned by his or her economic capacity in the terms provided for in current provisions.

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