What Your Nail Colour Says About Your Personality

Nail polish is more than just a fashion statement. You carry a reflection of your personality and mood on your nail tips and showcase to the world who you are and what you believe in. Colours have always been associated with reflecting some personality trait, the current state of mind or mood, or a stage of life you are presently going through. The same applies to your nail polish colour choices.

The choice of your nail colour nail polish you love to wear more often, says a lot beyond your favourite or trending colours. From bold to soft and trending to classy, all shades say something or the other about you. Let’s see some colours that speak volumes about your choices:

1. Minimalist Nude

Nudes represent minimalism and people who appreciate simple things in life. Elegant, simplistic, and practical are some of the personality traits these people follow. Pastel nail paints also reflect calm and composed people, who can be counted on in times of need. A praiser of all things natural, these people embrace people for their choices and inner beauty.

2. Classic Red

Red is timeless and speaks all about passion, power, and confidence. If this is your go-to colour, you probably have a personality that lets you stand out. You are the one who takes charge and leads, reflecting your decisive nature. Red also symbolises love and passion, showing your emotional side.

3. Chic Purple

Purple indicates confidence and ambitious people who have a taste for fine things in life. They have an eye for detail and look for perfection in things. Purple also symbolises innovative and visionary people who are often inclined towards artistic and creative areas. Purple is also associated with wisdom and spirituality, exhibiting people with deeper self-connection and beliefs.

4. Rebellious Black

Black, in general, has taken the meaning of being on the other side, defying conventional beliefs. Presenting people who follow their heart, this nail paint reflects strong-minded people with a go-getter personality. This does not come with the rebellion part only. It indicates more of a person who accepts themselves and believes in their own very self. 

5. Pretty-pretty Pink

The pink palate has shades from bright to pastels that have their own audience. The pales reflect a soft and gentle nature. You are someone who loves to make new relationships and nurture them. Hot and bright shades of pink signify outgoing, fun-loving, and energetic people. Pink nail paint shades reflect feminism and the nature of nurturing. 

6. Neutral Grey

Grey nails are a neutral choice. They reflect a balanced approach to life and a calm personality that stays composed even in the toughest of situations. People choosing grey colour are often taken as modern and visionary and are also considered to be dependable and stylish in a subtle way. Minimalism, neutralism, and elegance are associated with grey and these people reflect subtle and fine choices in life.

7. Happy Yellow

Yellow is the colour related to positivity, brightness, and cheerfulness in life. These people are optimistic and full of energy. It would be wrong to call them hyperactive at times and their energy is contagious. The warm colour also reflects people with warm and welcoming personalities. These people have a playful attitude, confidence in what they do, and appreciate beauty and art in life. 

8. Regal Blue

Blue is the colour of fun as well as royals. The pastel nail paint shades reflect a creative mindset that is imaginative and adventurous. Blue is also a representative of peace and calmness, reflecting a person with an open mind who would explore the world for new ideas and experiences. The darker and deeper nail polish shades of blue reflect royalty and integrity, which makes them trustworthy and popular among peers.

9. Fun Glitter

Glittery nails reflect fun and vibrancy in life. These people believe in living life to the fullest. Call them party people, fun-loving personalities, and those who celebrate each day of life; these people thrive on their social circle. Glitter reflects outgoing people who don’t mind staying in the spotlight. Just like the sparkle of the glitter, they love to shine, enjoy life, and live life with adventure and fun.

Nail colour nail polish is not just a beauty product. It is a reflection of your choices and personalities. You can either be wearing the colour to show who you are, simply following the trend, or disguising your personality altogether. Nonetheless, you wear much of yourself on your fingernails.

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