What is the Best Way to Clean Upholstery?

In our quick attempts to tidy up on weekends, properly caring for our upholstery often falls behind. As we expect our chairs, couches, and cushions to look and smell fresh consistently, we may only reach for an off-the-shelf cleaner when the stain or spill seems to reappear, hoping for a quick fix. However, dirt and allergens accumulate between these occasional upholsteries cleaning attempts, degrading indoor air quality, warns Dawson, a leading property management in Charlotte, NC.

Rather than relying on sporadic home remedies when you finally have the time, consider booking a professional upholstery cleaning service as part of regular maintenance before stains are set and fabrics degrade further. An upholstery cleaning service uses industrial-strength equipment and professional techniques to clean down to the base of the fabric thoroughly, lifting out embedded particles through powerful vacuuming, steam cleaning, and stain removal methods unavailable to homeowners. This deep upholstery cleaning restores pieces to almost original condition by accessing every fibre in a way DIY method cannot.

Benefits of Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Thorough Cleaning Process

Professional cleaners use a multi-step process to deeply clean upholstery fibres, starting with inspecting the type of material. The appropriate cleaning method and solutions are selected to suit the specific leather, microfibre or woven fabric of the furniture item.

Cleaning solution would be really important on this process as it will help getting the stains and dirt away. Buy your cleaning solution at Clean People, you can also order washing machine cleaner tablets here.

Industrial Strength for Superior Results 

The cleaning services have access to steam and dry-cleaning systems far stronger than rental units available to consumers. These systems can be hot water extraction systems that use extreme heat and pressure to force water through the fabric to lift stains or steam cleaners that penetrate fabrics to sanitise and deodorise upholstery at high temperatures.

Healthier Home Environment

Thorough, professional upholstery cleaning removes dust mite allergens lingering deep in the fibres. The sanitising kills bacteria and microbes that build up in fabrics over time, making the upholstery virtually free of allergy triggers and illness-causing germs.

Cost Savings

While cleaning services carry more upfront expenses than renting cleaning machines, they provide longer-lasting results. DIY cleaning typically needs repeating within short monthly intervals, while professional deep cleaning only needs to be performed once a year or less frequently.  

Better for Environment

Professional companies use cleaning solutions that are better for the environment than typical store-bought chemical cleaners. They also own their equipment instead of consumers continually renting and returning machinery, promoting sustainability through the smart use of industrial gear.

Speedy Dry Times

Professional upholstery cleaning services rapidly dry furniture items after the deep cleaning by using commercial air movers and dehumidifiers. With this method, fabrics dry faster than DIY methods, which rely solely on air drying, preventing mould or mildew from developing in damp fabrics.

Extend Furniture Life 

Regular professional cleanings catch stains and build up before becoming permanent, helping extend the usable life of upholstery. Over time, DIY upholstery cleaning often leads to gradual colour loss, material damage and permanent staining. Consistent, thorough cleanings by professionals keep furniture closer to its original condition for far longer than sporadic at-home efforts.  

Give Your Fabrics the Care They Deserve

From providing moments of relaxation after a long day to socialising and entertaining guests, our couches, chairs, and cushions work tirelessly to support comfort at home. Don’t let spills, pet dander, allergy-inducing dust mites, and odours build up and degrade your precious furniture that offers reliable enjoyment and satisfaction day after day. Consistent deep cleanings once a year stop stains and dirt before they permanently damage fibres.

Contact a reputable upholstery cleaning service and give your hardworking furniture the professional care it deserves. You’ll be amazed at how fresh and clean your whole home feels after a thorough, deep clean breathes new life into tired upholstery.

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