What Is the Best Fruity Bubble Tea? Our Top Picks!

What is the most tasty fruity bubble tea? Well, there are plenty of flavors to choose from, but we recommend: mango green tea boba, strawberry boba, tropical fruit bubble tea, and passionfruit, orange, and grapefruit boba. In this article, we will briefly introduce these and several other mouthwatering fruity bubble tea flavors. We invite you to read on!

Most Delicious Fruity Bubble Tea – My Ranking

So, which fruity bubble tea is the most tasty one? Well, it depends on your preferences and the fruits you like, but let’s be real – some fruits just make a better pairing with tea and tapioca than others. Let’s explore the best ones, but remember – the ranking is still subjective.

1. Mango Green Tea Boba

The first on our list is a tasty combination of our favorite fruit – mango – and distinct green tea. It combines the sweetness of the typical characteristic of citrus-based drinks and the refreshment from green tea. What’s more, it’s extremely light, so we believe that it’s absolutely the best fruity bubble tea for summer!

2. Strawberry Boba

While not every fruit works great with tea and bubbles, strawberries definitely do. Their sweetness, combined with the rich taste of tea and the chewy texture of tapioca pearls, make an absolutely delicious drink. Were we lesser fans of mango, this boba would definitely earn first place!

3. Mango and Passion Fruit Boba

We cannot stop at just one mango-based boba. Mango and passionfruit taste almost like tropical fruit bubble teas (which we will discuss later on). This flavor feels full and rich, sour and sweet, so we definitely recommend it!

4. Tropical Fruit Boba

What’s tropical fruit boba? It depends on where you get it. What we mean by this flavor is a mix of green tea, orange, and passion fruit. While it does lack our beloved mango, it’s a great drink for the summer – it lets you feel, at least for a brief while, as if you were on a tropical vacation, relaxing on a beach and admiring the views. Definitely one of the best picks among fruity bubble tea flavors.

5. Passionfruit, Orange and Grapefruit Boba

Yet another flavor with passionfruit in it – no wonder since it works great with tea! But this time, passionfruit is accompanied by orange and grapefruit. The best way to describe this flavor is to say that it’s the tropical fruit boba with a twist. It’s tangy and sweet but also has tiny bitter notes, which makes it extremely refreshing without enhancing your thirst.

Honourable Mentions

While the five fruity bubble teas above are definitely the best, there are still some flavors that you need to explore. What do we recommend?

  • Any boba with aiyu jelly – it’s watery and refreshing, perfect for the summer.
  • Peach bobas – you’ll see many peach-flavored drinks on bubble tea menus, and they’re definitely worth it – peach and tea are a great combination!

The Takeaway

So, which fruity bubble tea sparked your attention? In our opinion, you should try all of them – each is unique and tastes great, so take your time and taste them all!

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