New Year, New Virtual Office Backgrounds!

If you’re like many remote workers, you have one or two go-to virtual backgrounds for your video calls. Yet as the seasons change, you may want to update your backdrop. Alternatively, you may desire a change of scenery. Keep reading to learn how to find the perfect backgrounds to match your season and mood while keeping a professional look.

Scenic Winter Backgrounds

Your office background needn’t be stuffy or boring. Stylish modern office settings can also be seasonally themed. Winter backgrounds can include window views of the outdoors, revealing crisp clean snowy landscapes or tasteful holiday decor in complementary shades and aesthetics.

Meanwhile, the basic design of each background can still feature a meticulously designed office scene with sleek, minimalist furniture and accessories. Its overall style is versatile enough to serve as your backdrop for any virtual meeting. With images depicting personal offices, team workspaces, lobbies, lounges, and conference rooms, you have many options from which to choose.

Work At The Beach!

Traveling remote workers understand the potential challenges of staying connected while putting their best faces forward. Whether on the move for work or personal reasons, finding suitable workspaces and secure data connections are key. However, they’re also important resources. As long as you have access to both, you have the freedom to work virtually from anywhere.

Of course, this is an area in which digital nomads must tread carefully. Maybe you’re enjoying balmy weather and sunshine in Costa Rica in mid-February while your client endures frigid temperatures and icy rain in Cincinnati. Do you really want them to see the drunken beachgoers ambling past your window? Probably not.

Whether you’re in Puerto Vallarta for the sparkling beach and thrilling water sports or celebrating the Lunar New Year in Seoul, a virtual background helps you look professional and polished. Your environment and time zone differences don’t matter. Just choose and upload a new virtual background before your call and you’re all set.

Personalized Backgrounds With Your Logo

Whether or not you’re using a seasonal background, you have the advantage of logo customization. You don’t even need any graphic design knowledge to make it happen. Services like Virtual Office let you download a Zoom background with logo in just a few easy steps. Just select your backdrop, upload your logo, and let Virtual Office do the rest.

The key thing with logo customization is using a high-quality image file with a transparent background. In other words, your logo should not be surrounded by any white or colored space. Instead, a transparent background looks like a gray-and-white checkerboard. Without a background, it’s easier to seamlessly apply your logo to a virtual backdrop. It becomes part of the scenery, placed on any empty wall space to look as if you’re in a physical company office.

Perfect for Any Remote Worker

Virtual backgrounds offer several benefits. Besides encouraging a professional atmosphere, they minimize visual clutter. Customized with your organization’s logo, they put your brand front and center. (If you don’t have free Teams backgrounds, here’s your sign to get them.) Even better, you have tons of free options that work for any season.