Name Change Ads in Delhi Newspapers

Name change ads in Delhi can be done from the comforts of your own home. In India names change are typically formalized by legal processes which is publishing a notice in the newspaper. If you’re trying to navigate the procedure in Delhi understanding the process of names change ads and the process of publishing them isn’t easy. This article is designed to simplify the process and guide you through the formats, styles of newspapers, as well as the method of publication.

Understanding the Name Change Ad Format:

While the layout may differ little depending upon the paper, basic information is the same:

Headline The headline should declare Change of Name or “Name Change Advertisement.”

Your Information: Include your old name, your father’s or husband’s name as well as the date of your birth and your complete address.

New Name: Mention your new chosen name clearly.

Reasons of the change (Optional): Briefly describe the reason behind the change, for example marriage or adoption, religious conversion or other. (not mandatory).

Affidavit of Declaration: Indicate that you have swear an affidavit in relation to the name change in front of an appropriate authority.

Datum: Include the date of the Affidavit.

Signature Signature on the advertisement using the new address.

Choosing the Right Platform: Delhi’s Newspaper Landscape:

Delhi is home to a varied newspapers, each serving different types of audiences and budgets. Here are a few of the most popular choices:

National Dailies: The Times of India, Hindustan Times The Hindu, and The Hindu have wide readership and extend beyond Delhi. They are great for formal and legal notification.

Regional Dailies: Dainik Bhaskar, Amar Ujala, and Hindustan provide extensive coverage in Delhi and its surrounding regions, bringing in a larger local public.

English Language Dailies: The Indian Express and The Telegraph focus on a specific population of people who speak English and provide the most premium of platforms.

Local newspapers: smaller publications such as City Herald and The Pioneer could be appropriate for specific groups within certain localities.

Procedure for Publishing Your Ad:

Get Documents Together: Make a duplicate of the affidavit, along with an ID photo that is valid.

Choose Your Newspaper Choose the newspaper that best suits your budget and needs.

Call to the Advertisement Department: Many newspapers let you book online however some require you to contact their advertising department directly.

Provide Information: Share your ad contents, dates you have chosen and size preference to the Department.

Pay: Pay the costs according to the rates of the newspaper.

publication: Your ad will be published on the specified dates.

Additional Tips:

Compare pricing and layouts of different newspapers before settling on your decision.

Be sure to proofread your ad thoroughly to ensure that there are no mistakes.

Think about the size of your ad and location based on your budget and the desired visibility you want.

Certain platforms online offer editing and booking options for ads that change names.


The publication of a name change advertisement is required by law in many instances. Make sure you follow the proper procedure and select the correct newspaper to effectively convey your name change to the general public. If you are aware of the format, options and the publication process you’ll be able to make this decision without fear and embrace your new brand with confidence and confidence.

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