Maximising Customer Feedback: Simplifying Google review link with Podium

Nowadays, in this digital era, online reviews are becoming even more crucial in the building of a company’s reputation and making an impact on potential customers’ decisions. In contrast with other reviewing platforms, Google Reviews significantly affects the ranking and the reliability of local businesses. On the other hand, this type of encouragement might turn out to be a hard task for some businesses given the active daily running of operations. The mobile application Podium is one such platform that does exactly that, facilitating convenient review and feedback gathering from customers.

Exploring the role of Google reviews

Before we talk about the efficiency of the Google Review link process with Podium, let’s first understand why Google business reviews have become so important. Besides Google Reviews being a source that gives social evidence for a business’s credibility and service quality they are also what drives a company’s local SEO rankings. Brands with higher star ratings and various reviews are generally rated higher masking them to be the most likely companies for new customers.

Google reviews: How to collect questions

While the advantages of encouraging Google Reviews are smiling, some hurdles for companies might come up. Running out of time, lack of streamlining in the process, and customers being provided with reasons not to write feedback are just a few obstacles businesses face before they can collect reviews. Also, the process of creating and sharing reviews by hand is a time-consuming and inefficient method.

The process is smoothed with the application of Podium

Podium comes out as a saviour that provides a very user-friendly procedure for getting the Google review link. Working in tandem with an already incorporated company’s systems, like CRM software or POS systems, Podium automates the review solicitation process. This is done by allowing customers to rate the brand with simple SMS or email messages that act as a prompt. Furthermore, the podium enables customers to easily give feedback to the brand without much hassle.

Personalized outreach

The most important difference between Podium and others is indeed the possibility of approaching customers more personalized. By providing personalized follow-up messages, which would require the customer’s history to be considered, the Podium software is more effective than sending generic review requests. By designing their campaigns on such a base the chances are increased to receive positive feedback, and at the same time, it creates the feeling that they are regarded as important and engaged customers.

Effortless review link sharing

Unlike in the old days, in which businesses had to compose review links manually and send them through email, they can now do all that with just a click of a button using Podium. The platform makes use of automatic operation: the customer gets a unique review link with every order, thus making boring manual operation superfluous. Such modes of linking make a customer move to Google Reviews part in one click, which means that it is more convenient and customer-oriented.

Real-time Monitoring and insights

Besides, Podium makes the request for reviews and feedback quite simple, yet it provides businesses with the benefit of real-time monitoring and analytics, collectively. Businesses can have review records tracked, comments closely followed, and perceived sentiment of customers monitored. Through the partners that provide immediate detailed information concerning the customer experience, businesses can put into action their daily operations, thereby improving the overall client experience.

Enhancing online reputation

The Podium platform advantages allow for a business not only to boost the number of Google Reviewers but also well control the overall image of the company. A great number of positive reviews can have a great impact on the authoritativeness of a business and will earn trust among prospective clients who will in return direct their purchases to the business.


Nowadays businesses cannot afford to ignore this source of power while hunting for growth in the cut-throat market. Through the implementation of the podium, the task of review solicitation is made more easy by providing a platform that is simple to use and fast. Efficiency is high and then customers can take advantage of the feedback they are sending in. Through automatic outreach processes, personal messing enablement and giving out actionable information, Podium allows companies to develop an excellent reputation based on customer reviews and bring in more and more customers with much less effort. The adoption of the Podium platform is not just a matter of process simplification; it develops the means of involving clients in their business and using their feedback to enhance results.

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