How to Play Hi88 Caro Chess with Strategies and Skills You Need to Know

In the school and student community in Vietnam, Checkers has become the most popular game for many years. Simply requiring a sheet of graph paper, two pens and each match lasting 5-10 minutes, this is the ideal choice for breaks or halftime sessions. In this article, we will reintroduce how to play Hi88 checkers to help you always grasp the game and win so you can confidently “show off” to your friends!

Basic Hi88 checkers rules

Simple instructions for playing checkers on Hi88

Go Caro, also known by other names such as Soc Caro, is a popular folk game. The name of this game varies according to language and culture, for example in Korean it is called omok (오목), in Chinese it is 五子棋 (wǔzǐqí), and in Japanese it is called 五目並べ (gomoku narabe) ; In English, this game is often called gomoku.

Initially, the game was played on a 19×19 board with white and black pieces. However, in Vietnam, people often play on practice paper with pre-drawn boxes, and use “O” and “X” marks to represent two types of chess pieces.

Basic rules for playing Hi88 checkers are as follows:

  • Two players choose their pieces (one chooses “O”, the other chooses “X”) and decide who goes first.
  • The first player marks an empty space on the board.
  • The next player also marks another empty square, and the two players take turns until one of them wins or the board is full.
  • It is not allowed to check a box that has been previously marked by any player.
  • The winner is the first person to create a consecutive chain of 4 pieces in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row without being blocked at both ends. If one end is blocked, that person needs to create a chain of 5 pieces to win. If both ends of the chain are blocked, the game continues.

The game of Go Caro, although fundamentally simple, requires strategic thinking and skill. To become a good player, it is necessary to master the necessary strategies and skills.

Ways to play Hi88 checkers that you should clearly understand

To win, you can apply some of the following ways to play Hi88 checkers:

Move forward, actively attack and force your opponent into a difficult situation

Actively attack and put pressure on the opponent

In Caro, going first often gives the player an advantage because they can proactively attack and put the opponent in a corner. Although not always true, many people believe that about 70% of the time the first mover will win. This is reasonable because the person going first usually controls the game and has more opportunities to attack, while the opponent has to spend time defending and resisting attacks.

However, this does not mean that following is a problem. You can still block your opponent’s ways of playing Hi88 checkers and at the same time strengthen your position. By blocking your opponent’s attack lines and building a flexible stance, you can create opportunities for yourself to attack.

Once you have established a stable position and blocked your opponent’s attack options, it is time to take advantage of your experience to attack strongly. In this way, you can make your opponent lose their composure, unable to react in time, leading to victory. The important thing is to never give up and always find a way to take advantage of every opportunity to win in Caro.

How to play Hi88 checkers by attacking diagonally

Cross attack strategy in checkers on Hi88

How to play Hi88 checkers by diagonal attack in checkers is a simple but highly effective method, favored by chess players. By starting from any horizontal or vertical row, you can create complex diagonal lines.
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This strategy offers many advantages, including the ability to create surprises and flexibility in location choices, without horizontal or vertical limitations. Diagonal lines often surprise opponents and sometimes they cannot perceive the positions hidden behind them. Once you have established a diagonal with 4 pieces, being blocked at one end or not being blocked can lead to victory.

How to play Hi88 checkers using the positive, east and west stance

Duong’s strategy is to attack the West in checkers

One of the most sophisticated ways to play Hi88 checkers in checkers is to use the Yang plan to attack the West. Setting the flag is a clever method that helps you lead your opponents in the direction you want without them noticing.

The most effective way to disorient your opponent in a game of checkers is to attack alternately horizontally and vertically, with minimal distance between attempted moves. You can then connect these points together to form unlimited diagonal lines, making it impossible for your opponent to react in time.


So you have learned how to play Caro Hi88 to always win. Hope this information will be useful to you and wish you all have enjoyable relaxing moments with your friends.

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