Best Methods to Take Your NC General Contractor Continuing Education

Continuing education (CE) is a crucial requirement for maintaining and enhancing your skills as a general contractor in North Carolina. Besides, it’s a requirement by the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors ((NCLBGC). According to the board, you should complete a total of 8 hours in continuing education by November 30th each year.

The 8-hour CE course should comprise a mandatory 2-hour course produced by the NCLBGC and 6 hours of elective courses from outside providers. If you’re wondering what methods are best for completing your NC general contractor CE course, consider the following:

1. Online Courses

Online NC General Contractor Continuing Education courses from an accredited provider like RocketCert are the real deal if you’re looking for an option that gives you the flexibility to meet CE requirements at your own pace and schedule. With a wide variety of high-quality courses that have been expertly crafted so they are easy to understand, RocketCert is a great choice for any general contractor whose schedule isn’t so flexible.

Advantages of Online Courses

  • Flexibility: Complete your course at any time from the comfort of your home or at the workplace’s office.
  • Convenience: No need to travel or grapple with conflicting schedules.
  • Variety: Select your preferred course from a wide range of elective topics and tailor your education to your needs.

Disadvantages of online courses

  • Self-Discipline: You should have excellent time management skills so you can complete your course by the deadline.

2. In-Person Classes

If you prefer a traditional classroom setting, in-person classes will be the perfect choice for your needs. You can choose from the different providers across North Carolina that offer courses with an in-person learning option and meet with instructors and peers.

Just like the online classes option, you can choose from a wide selection of approved courses that meet your needs.


  • Engagement: Interact directly with instructors and your classmates to enhance your learning experience.
  • Networking: Explore a new way to network with like-minded persons and open avenues to exciting career opportunities.

Disadvantages of In-Person Learning

  • Time and travel: You’ll have to commit to attending sessions at specific locations and times, and you may have to travel.

3. Webinars

If you are looking for a middle ground between in-person classes and online learning, webinars will be the perfect choice. They make it possible to participate in live and interactive sessions just like with in-person sessions, with the added convenience of online learning.

Advantages of webinars

Interactive: Leverage the opportunity to ask questions and engage with instructors in real time.

Structure: As long as you are available during the learning hours, you don’t have to worry about traveling, and you can join in from anywhere.


  • Scheduling: You’ll have to attend the planned sessions at specific times, which is not ideal for undelayable commitments that come up unplanned.

4. Seminars

CE seminars are short courses that happen over a set period and cover the specified topics in depth. They can be conducted over a day or two, at which period you’d typically have to be free of any indispensable commitment so you are available until the end.


  • Focused learning: The concentration on specific topics provides a thorough understanding.
  • Networking: This is usually the opportune moment to meet and learn from other professionals and experts in the field. Can be a perfect chance to seek new employers or send out/invite collaboration suggestions.


  • Time commitment: Requires a dedicated block of time which may not work if your schedule is packed.
  • Travel: You may have to travel to attend if the location of the seminar isn’t close to where you live and/or work.

5. Hybrid Learning

Some providers will offer the best of the worlds of online courses, webinar sessions, and periodic in-person classes. This means you can enjoy the benefits of all three forms of learning in a single package. Expect enough flexibility combined with the benefit of interactive sessions.


  • Enhanced learning: The interactive elements of a hybrid CE course can reinforce online course material.
  • Balanced approach: Combines flexibility with structured learning.


  • Complex model: Hybrid learning is not the easiest learning model, typically requiring great coordination of multiple learning formats and schedules.

There You Have It,

With the different options for taking your CE course that have been mentioned above, you can now select the method that fits perfectly into your learning style and schedule. That way, you will fulfill your continuing education requirements without an excuse and maintain your North Carolina general contract license.

If you’re looking for a provider you can rely on, RocketCert provides top-of-the-line online classes and webinars, carefully crafted to help you excel in your career.

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