Where To Find The Best Chicken Biryani In Bangalore? 

The cuisine of India is so diverse that it cannot all be put in one box. There are very few select dishes that bring the whole nation together. But only food has the power to bring the whole country together. One dish that unites Indians like no other is Biryani, or to be more precise- Chicken Biryani. Every chicken lover is at least a low-key chicken biryani lover, and if you give them a bowl of raita along with it they will thank you a million times. Bangalore is yet another city with people having Chicken biryani near me as their last search and we do not blame them. Let us give you the best answer to your search in this blog. Read along to learn more about Chicken Biryani, the best places to get chicken biryani in Nabahlore and of course, we will talk about the rising trend of ordering food online. 

What is Chicken Biryani? 

There are many stories behind the origin of Biryani, and the most interesting part is that these stories are not just from India but from multiple countries in South Asia. It is a rice-based one-pot dish, which is both aromatic & flavorful. It has succulent pieces of chicken, rice, and spices like cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves. This chicken is marinated beforehand, and it is added to partially cooked rice and spices, this combination is slow-cooked in a single pot. This results in a flavorful and savory dish that is loved worldwide. 

Why do people love Chicken Biryani so much? 

Why is it that people keep searching for Chicken biryani near me? Why do people love this dish so much? Are you also having these questions? Let us answer all of them below: 

Explosion of Flavors: 

Any dish is completely reliant on the flavors it has, without flavor it is simply not a dish. Biryani is a dish that causes an explosion of flavors in the mouth of anyone who eats it. There’s the spiciness of red chilies and the sweetness of caramelized onions, everything comes together in each bite of biryani, and we all cannot get enough of it. 

Comfort Food: 

Biryani is the comfort food of many, and when looking for a restaurant that sells chicken biryani near you, we know you are looking for comfort. Hot and flavorful biryani paired with cool and soothing raita is one of the best comforting combinations out there. If you are longing for that comfort right now, just order it online and enjoy it. 

Culturally Significant: 

Biryani represents culture in so many ways. As we mentioned before, the origin story of biryani is unclear and hence it is an example of globalization from a time when globalization was barely a term. The heritage associated with the dish makes it even more special than it is and that is also what urges a lot of people from the western countries to try it. 

The Best Places to Order Chicken Biryani in Bangalore

Did we make you hungry with all this talk? Don’t worry, amazing suggestions for ordering chicken biryani in Bangalore coming right up: 

Meghana Foods, Indiranagar

Meghana Foods in Indiranagar (Bangalore) is a heaven for biryani lovers. They have pocket-friendly prices on their dishes and their food is so delicious we cannot describe in words. They have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options in biryani, but their chicken biryani is to die for. You can even order biryani from them through food ordering platforms very easily. 

Hyderabadi Biryani Hotel, Malleshwaram 

Hyderabad is world famous when it comes to biryani and Hyderabadis are truly the best at making biryanis. Hyderabadi Biryani Hotel in Malleshwaram serves authentic Hyderabadi Biryani, and this is the place where your search for the best chicken biryani near you will truly conclude. Other than chicken biryani they also serve mutton biryani, keema biryani, prawns biryani, and even veg biryani. No matter what your preference for biryani is, they have something for you. 

Manis Dum Biryani, Jeevan Bhima Nagar

This is hands down one of the best biryani outlets in Bangalore with so many options it is hard to choose from. You can get half portions, full portions, extra large portions, family portions, and bucket biryani. Wait, there’s more They have biryani rice and dum biryani without pieces for those who like the taste of biryani rice but do not like meat or veggies in them. Their variety of portion sizes make sure there’s something for you no matter whether you are eating alone or hosting a house party. Their menu is sure to leave you in awe and their food, trust us is even better. Just order it now and you will thank us later. 

Thalassery Restaurant

This is yet another gem of a place if you are looking for authentic chicken biryani near you in Bangalore. They have multiple stores throughout the city and serve amazing biryani. This chain is famous for serving authentic Kerala food if that is something you are looking for, look no further. This chain was established a long time ago and has been making authentic dishes for non-veg lovers since then. 

A Final Word 

Bangalore is truly a heaven for people who love chicken biryani, there are so many amazing restaurants serving mouthwatering biryanis. It is truly the kind of food that feeds all your senses, from the way the succulent meat feels in your mouth, to the aroma of spices, and the beauty of seasoned rice with raita on a platter. It is too good to resist and that is what differentiates biryani from other cuisines. If you are searching for chicken biryani near me in Bangalore the places we suggested will not disappoint you for sure. You can easily order from these restaurants with the help of Swiggy, which is the leading online food delivery platform in India. The biryani will be on your table in less time than it takes to cook biryani, we mean what else could one ask for? Just order now and enjoy. We know you are hungry! 

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