Tips to Improve Your Cell Phone Photo Quality

Through the powerful cameras of cell phones, we can take astounding photos. In the era of technology, everyone can study and take photos easily with their phones. Updated daily, we can see influencers posting beautiful photos through social media apps, while these photos are normally taken with a cell phone. Therefore, in this article, we will show you some tips to improve the cell phone photo quality.

How to Improve the Photo Quality of Cell Phone?

Cell phone developers improve the overall performance and functions of the cameras as well. Thus, we can take better photos by following the tips here:

Choose a Cell Phone with Better Processors and Cameras

Both the processor and camera of a cell phone determine how well a photo can be taken. Not every cell phone camera can capture images with the same level of quality. One thing to think about in this situation is resolution. Meanwhile, megapixels are generally better the more you have, especially if you want to maintain a better photo quality. If your cell phone (such as HONOR 200 Lite) supports larger pixels, more details can be captured in the photo.

Apply the Correct Setting

Firstly, see if the HDR (high dynamic range) function is on. Most modern smartphones come equipped with HDR, which is a useful feature. You might be surprised at how much HDR can improve your photos. High dynamic range is what it stands for, and highlighting the details in the highlights and shadows is its main goal. It takes several pictures at various exposures, which are then combined to produce a balanced picture. Secondly, try to turn on grid lines. With the aid of this feature, you can take photos by following the grid on your screen. If you want to use your camera to take genuinely original images, it can assist you with centering your shots and highlighting the subject. Finally, these lines will not show on the photo you take. Thirdly, if you are a professional photographer, it is recommended to use the manual mode and adjust all the settings by yourself. The professional manual mode allows you to modify the ISO, shooting speed, camera timer, and others. In case you have your own preference to take photos, using this mode will be a good idea.

Clean Your Cell Phone Lens

Although this is a very basic tip, you’ll be surprised at how much dirt and grime attaches to the lens of your cell phone. Therefore, before starting a photo session, please remember and make it a habit to wipe your phone’s lens. Your pictures will appear much clearer as a result! Moreover, in inclement weather, you should focus more on the cell phone lens as rain may damage or leave signs on it.

Set Focus on Your Subject

Your cell phone’s camera usually makes an educated guess as to what you want to take a picture of when you point it at a subject. For example, it will focus on faces if it recognizes them. Thus, you can tap on the subject in the scene rather than let your cell phone determine it, and you can highlight the details of what you want to capture.


In conclusion, it is recommended to choose a cell phone with better cameras and processors if you want to take better photos. Moreover, setting up the cell phone correctly is also significant. These important settings include the HDR function, grid lines, and the manual mode (for professional users). It is also important to keep your cell phone lens clean if you want to take clear pictures. Finally, you should tap on the subject when taking photos to highlight the details.

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