How to Protect Children’s Spine Health?

The child’s whole-body weight as well as several motor processes are supported by the spine. The growing use of electronic devices, poor lifestyle choices, improper posture when reading and writing, and bulky school bags are all causing problems for children’s spines. A youngster may develop a crooked spine if they play games with their head downcast, tilt their head, twist their body to complete homework, carry a big bag, or carry it on one shoulder. In this blog, we’ll talk about strategies for safeguarding kids’ spine health.

Ways to Protect the Spine Health of Children

Rational Exercise Training

Swimming, running, and dancing, these staggered sports can effectively train the strength of the child’s back muscles, and abdominal muscles, these sports can play a role in preventing scoliosis, but also promote the development of the child’s spine.

Sit Correctly

Children Maintaining the correct learning posture, not only can prevent myopia, prevent hunchback, but also protect the child’s spine. And don’t sit for long periods of time. Sitting for long periods of time can also increase the burden on the spine. The best idea is to buy an Ergonomic Chair, which not only fits into the sitting position but also reduces the burden on the spine. Kill two birds with one stone. In addition, no matter what age of children are, to ensure that the correct walking posture, the correct walking posture is to look forward with the eyes, straight, not bow down, and with hands on both sides of the easy swing.

Pay Attention to Your Child’s Shoes

The child’s shoe body should have a certain stability, and the sole has a thickness so that the shoe is not easy to deform when supporting the child’s body. Secondly, the sole should have sufficient supporting capacity and shock absorption function in the arch position, which can alleviate the impact of the child’s movement.

Use Children’s School Bags Correctly

The schoolwork is getting heavier, and now many children are carrying heavy school bags at an early age. Heavy school bags may cause scoliosis in children, it is recommended that children’s school bags should not weigh more than one-tenth of their body weight. It is best to choose a backpack for the child so that the shoulder force balance. In addition, the size of the bag does not need to exceed the child’s shoulder, the bag is located in the middle of the shoulder and the waist position is more correct. At the same time, we should observe whether the child’s backpack posture is correct, do not bow back, head and do not lean forward, otherwise the last two sections of the neck ridge, namely the sixth to the seventh section of the neck ridge will be pressured, there is a chance to lead to hunchback and high and low shoulders, it is best to straighten the upper body.

Ensure Adequate Nutrition

Ensure that children can absorb enough calcium from the diet, take children in the sun, not only can prevent myopia, but the ultraviolet light in the sun can help children synthesize vitamin D, and promote the absorption and utilization of calcium. Milk, eggs, poultry meat, fish, soy, and soy products are all foods rich in protein and calcium, and children can eat enough to ensure adequate calcium intake. From April to July every year, the child’s height growth value is equivalent to 2 to 2.5 times the height growth value of 9 to December, in such an important season, it should increase the amount of calcium supplementation for children in the rapid growth period, which can achieve twice the effect with half the effort.


The spine serves as the child’s back and future protection, making it the most significant structural support in the body, if the body were compared to a house. It is also possible to improve a child’s future health by attending to spine issues early on. For this reason, you may want to try the above strategies for timely child protection in order to stop spinal diseases from developing in your child.

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