Cricket Community: Forums and Social Media Engagement

As social media outlets and online forums proliferate for every possible sphere one can imagine, so too do they grow for lovers of cricket. Indeed, both the Internet and a range of different types of social media have become centers for discussion, debate, and the sharing of facts and opinions about this sport beloved by so many globally.

So, what are the places that people are going to for information and exchanges on cricket? Well, there are many that are growing in popularity these days. Let’s take a closer look at what some of the biggest among them are.

Online discussion groups

Like anything else about which people have strong opinions, cricket is the subject of numerous sites where fans gather both to share their own thoughts, as well as see what is happening on the global scene. 

One of the most highly-rated sites for fans is called Planet Cricket. The site offers both discussion groups, as well as virtual leagues that people can take part in. Participating in these leagues can bring big winnings if you are skillful and lucky.

Another super popular site is Cricket Forum. As the name suggests, this is a place for enthusiasts to get together and discuss all manner of the game, from players to leagues to coaches and more. You can even find archived chats from earlier in the site’s history.

In addition to forums, betting sites are also growing in popularity. Pro Kabaddi betting site and others provide spaces for enthusiasts to gather and try their luck on their favorite teams.

Social media

And, of course, there is the world of social media. Not surprisingly, the most popular medium for cricket fans is Facebook, which includes many pages for people to connect and discuss different aspects of the sport. Cricket Lovers, CricTracker, and Circle of Cricket are just a few of the many Facebook pages that fans get involved in. And of course, they follow the individual pages of top players, as well.

Instagram is also huge for cricket followers. The most followed player on Instagram by far is Virat Kohli, with an amazing 256 million followers. Several other players also have followers in the tens of millions. And there are national and pan-cricket pages, as well. Crictracker, Сricketcomau, and Сircleofcricket are some of the more popular ones. 

And let’s not forget X. People love to tweet about their favorite player’s latest move, or perhaps moves made by a rival’s team! Cricket_world, Сrickettracker, and Сricketworldcup have people logging in every day to see what their latest thoughts on the game are.

Other media

Let’s also not forget good old-fashioned TV and radio, too. Fans worldwide continue to tune in regularly, gather in pubs, or even on the street to watch or listen to games. Australia has the highest viewership per capita of TV watchers, but other countries aren’t far behind. Indeed, going to watch games at particular pubs or other establishments remains a favorite pastime in all the cricket-loving parts of the world. 

And in places where TV is hard to get, people might still listen to games on the radio. There is also a special joy that people get from listening to matches played out with the help of expert commentators. In fact, the anticipation of scores can sometimes be even greater when games are listened to on the radio. And remember that TV and radio can bring people together, so there is sometimes more entertainment value from getting together with others to watch or listen to a game than there is from sitting with your phone watching one alone.

Beyond that, social gatherings can be a way of sharing information in person that provides clearer answers than simply sending out messages online. For example, if you’re wondering how to bet on 1xbet cricket, it is likely that the guys at the pub will be able to help you.

Sources will continue to proliferate

Regardless of the medium, cricket will doubtless continue to be a favorite for years to come. Particular forums might come and go, but fans will always find a way to get together and share their love for the sport with one another. And as the number and type of communication options increase, so too will the global fanbase. And this will lead to exciting developments for everyone involved.

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