8 Factors to Consider When Buying A New Kitchen Faucet

When people look at kitchen designs, they rarely focus on the faucets. That is, of course, if those are perfectly chosen to fit in with the overall design and to look great. The faucet can, however, ruin the whole look, and if you came across such a design, rest assured that you would notice it. Anyway, because this is not talked about a lot, people may have a hard time actually choosing the right faucet for their kitchen sinks, so if you’re wondering how to do it, you should know that you’re certainly not alone.

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Whether you’re designing a brand new kitchen and you’ve come to the part of choosing the sink and the faucet, or you simply want to replace the old product with a new one, because you no longer like it or because it is causing some issues, one thing is certainly for sure. You will need to be quite careful in order to choose and buy the perfect product for yourself. If you rush into this, you are likely to get some products that you don’t like and to, therefore, wind up regretting the purchase you’ve made.

Since you don’t want that to happen, you are most likely ready to do all the necessary research before doing your shopping. The thing is, though, you may not know exactly how to do the research. Or, to be more precise, you may not know what important factors to consider when buying a new kitchen faucet for your space, so that is what we are going to be talking about right now. Put simply, below I will list the factors that you absolutely have to keep in mind when trying to make this purchase.

  • Sink Configuration

First things first, there is sink configuration to consider. If you’re designing a new kitchen and thus buying a new sink, you can choose the configurations while shopping for the faucet as well. But, if you’re looking to replace the faucet on your existing sink, you’ll have to inspect it in details, checking how many pre-drilled holes it has, so that you can select the product that will fit in perfectly with the configurations. This is important because you don’t want to buy a product that won’t work for your sink and that will turn out to be nothing but a waste of money.

  • Type

Moving on, you may want to consider the type of the product as well. For one thing, when you want to buy the perfect kitchen faucet, you will get to choose between single and double handled ones. Then, there are also different forms of spouts to select, such as stationary, pull-out, pull-down, and similar ones. The point is that you need to think about the type you prefer before doing your shopping.

  • Quality and Durability

Of course, no shopping process is good enough without thinking about quality and durability. Sure, a lot of people do shop this way, not considering these two factors, but this is certainly something you shouldn’t do, especially when we are talking of buying faucets. After all, you want the product you buy to last for a long time, which is why checking its quality and durability in advance is of crucial importance. Reading some reviews written by previous customers should give you a better idea about quality, and so will talking directly to the people that may have bought these products recently.

  • Style

The style is also rather important to consider. Remember when I mentioned above that nobody even notices this particular product when looking at kitchen designs, and that this is thanks to the fact that the faucet fits in perfectly. Well, when it doesn’t fit in perfectly, it will certainly be noticeable, but not in a good way. This is why considering the style and making sure you’re choosing something that will go well with your entire kitchen design, as well as something that aligns with your particular preferences, is quite important.

  • Spout Height and Reach

In addition to this product being stylish, you also want it to be perfectly functional. Well, the spot height and the reach will have a significant impact on its functionality, which is why you need to keep these in mind at all times when doing the shopping. High-arc faucets are great for cleaning large pots, while low-arc ones are more suitable for smaller kitchens. Anyway, to make the right choice here, you should consider the size of your sink.

  • Installation and Maintenance

The installation process differs from one product to another. Some faucets are suitable for DIY installations, while others require the attention of professionals. So, this is another thing you should consider, together with the factors found here, when buying this product. Furthermore, think about the maintenance process and look for those items that are easy to clean and that are resistant to water spots and fingertip stains.

  • Extra Features

A lot of modern faucets come with certain extra features that you may like. Those can include different spray options, temperature control, magnetic docking, built-in water filtration and similar. What you have to do is check those extra features out in details and figure out which ones you could benefit from, so that you can then buy the product that has them.

  • Your Budget

Finally, you should think about your budget. That is, you have to determine how much money you are ready to spend on this product. When you set a clear budget, you won’t waste time looking at faucets that are much more expensive than what you want to pay, which will result in you buying the product much faster.

Of course, paying a few extra dollars for the perfect solution is always a good idea. So, don’t be too strict with the budget. Set your budget, but be prepared to go a bit over it if you come across a great quality product that has all the features you want and need.

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